Friday, October 22, 2010

Dee's home and a Happy little Heart Rug

Take a glimpse back to Dee's home !

Dee’s home was one of my first stories in my blog and I just had to show more of her home. Dee as you recall had a beautiful home in Southern California filled with lots of wonderful antiques  Here are some more pictures of her home. I am sure you will all love seeing a  little more of her goodies.


                                       In this cosiest of rooms you sip with a friend your cup of tea.
                                     Dee's yarn winder is next to her large open fireplace.
                                       You can almost imagine seeing a  glimpse a woman in a different
                                        manor of clothing winding her wool.
                                      The worn bricks complete the look
                                        of  the cosiest of homes.  

Dee is a wood carver and she
shared with me a design that
 added a little bit of folk art
 to this little piece.

Dee joyfully displays antiques all over her home.
This is my favorite room in her beautiful home. 

This Primitive heart rug was given to Bev
another rug hooker friend from Dee .
 I appreciate the different colors.

This is one of Dee's early chickens.
The primitive Chicken is
hooked in light colors.
 Not every thing primitive
 has to be in dark
Dee also gave this to Bev.