Saturday, October 16, 2010

Back Country Quilt Show In Ramona California


                            Ramona and the Back Country Quilt Show

                                  Betty's Quilts which were in the front of the 
                                  Quilt show on the church stage.
                                  I think she was a woman that was admired
                                  for her quilting but loved by her community
                                  and friends.

                    Some of Betty Adams Quilts  of honor on the stage.


 If  you  like a nice drive to the country and to see  a little of the back country of San Diego County California then take a drive to Ramona. 

Ramona is a town with a country feel and every year the women get together and hold a Great Quilt Show.Ramona has a great country feel and as you drive into town you see the main street full of shops.

The Back Country Quilt Show  is free and packed with  wonderful quilts.  If you like donations are accepted . It takes place at a local church in Ramona California . Linda and I love to hit the Quilt shows so this is a perfect one to go to. Ramona has a wide assortment of antique stores ,feed stores and one quilt store. One of the good things about Ramona it leads you into a lot of great areas of San Diego County. Leaving Ramona there is Santa Ysabel which has lots of antique stores and the famous  Dudley’s which is a great bakery that has the best Jalapeño bread! Keep on driving and you hit Julian which is a well  known  town that tourist love to go to in the fall.          It’s a easy get away for a weekend. Linda and I went on Friday to the quilt show since we both had a ton of things to do this weekend. There is a cute Quilt shop in Ramona called Crazy Nine Patch  which has a bright selection of cute quilt fabrics and all their ladies have cute pink shirts they wear.

What a talented quilter!

The stitching on this Holiday Quilt is precious.

 Interesting design

Fellow quilters are always eager to share . It's nice to see
young and old helping each other with a question or two.

 Ladies starting a yo yo group at their
shop.Crazy Nine Patch in Ramona.These ladies were so 
fun and seemed to be having a great time.

This is the story behind the 8,445 Hexagons!

 I bought a old small quilt for 20 dollars that needs work from this
vendor. She only goes to this show once a year.

I wonder whose quilt their looking at? The rows are packed with quilts.The good thing about coming to a quilt show on a weekday is less crowds. Plus it was a nice cloudy day. This quilt show has a room that has all sorts of used quilt fabrics books, magazines. I got a couple of old magazines with great vintage patterns.

Everyone is so busy looking and enjoying and visiting with friends.
I wonder what this man is thinking?

Linda and I stopped on the way home at the Crazy Nine patch Quilt Shop.Lots of nice ladies. If you like bright lively colors in your quilts this is the shop for you.They just relocated to their new spot in Ramona .


 Morris and Maulie the odd couple.