Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sew For a Cure at the Country Loft

Walk in to the Country Loft, 
Sew for a Cure is here!
Every year the Country Loft in La  Mesa has a great fundraiser for Sew for a Cure. It’s a great way for women to use their quilting,stitchery and rug hooking skills to help others. The Wednesday group of ladies works tirelessly making and fixing quilts for this once a year quilt show.  I don't want to forget to mention all the ladies at Country Loft that set up this quilt event. Breast Cancer has touched many women’s lives.  I can't believe how many of us know someone who has been affected by this disease. This quilt show is a way for many to help with a simple gift of their talent. I hope you are able to attend
and see how many women show their passion and their heart.

                                   Donations of quilts for Sew for a Cure

                                                        This is the students quilt show
What a cute pair of pumpkins . These pumpkins were made from felted sweaters. Jane always comes up with great ideas.This was her show and tell at our last rug hookers get together.

More students work

Another donation. Little log house with quilts.I asked my husband if he could donate something for this great cause. Jack had worked many hours on this log cabin but he gladly gave it away. I added the little quilts.

This is a kind of realization I made this year. In the past I have helped make group quilts for this cause. It was fun and it was nice to help out. This year I saw time after time women giving their beautiful quilts and the hours and hours of work for this cause . I was working on this Halloween stitchery and I loved loved loved it. But after seeing how giving and generous others were I donated it.So sometimes when you give it might be hard to do but follow through and it is well worth it.I know most of you know this lesson but maybe one person doesn't .This is not to make me sound like I need a pat on the back or anything but to say that I learned a valuable lesson. I felt so good to give it away. Even though at first I had to pry my fingers off it. I am laughing! 
 This has nothing to do with quilting except Morris makes me 
   laugh!  I wondered why I couldn't get my plants to grow in  there.

Morris loves to sit on my quilt table or any table and push anything
 that doesn't allow Morris to get a good cat stretch.Morris is  such a crazy character and a very mellow boy.
  Morris was a stray that adopted us and we have had more vet bills from him but he is worth it. His last vet trip was sleeping under a recliner and being sucked in it when my husband got up from a nap. He is fine now!!! But note to cat owners if you have a cat that naps in weird places.Look before you close up your recliner when getting up.

Back to the quilt show

  Look at all the colors in this quilt.
I especially like the dresses.

Morris is slowly waking up. What a funny cat.
Donation from Jane

More Donations for Sew for the Cure

This is a Cheri Payne wool pattern. I added the cat,bat and fence. Remember it is fun to add a little of yourself to a quilt that your making. It doesn't always have to look like the pattern.