Saturday, September 25, 2010

San Diego Quilt Show Part Two

                                       The San Diego Quilt Show 2010

This year at The San Diego Quilt Show I had more time to look
usually I am running around from booth to booth. but having
 two days  at the San Diego Quilt Show was a blessing for me. Wednesday I attended the Charity Preview and Friday I helped out a girlfriend in her booth. Both times I came away with an interesting time with fellow quilters.

I saw some ladies all dressed up in period costumes so of course I had to check
out what they were all about.

The ladies stood at their booth with a
quilt that they are busy recreating.

The quilt was originally

made by Dona de Dios Machado Alipas de Wrightington

which was the oldest known Quilt in California.

 The guild is called The Old Town Quilters Guild . These ladies meet every Wednesday in Old Town San Diego State Historic Park. For more information contact Frances Mcmeeken at or

This is the quilt that is a reproduction of a quilt that is at the San  Diego Historical Society.

 There are quilts for any interest you can think of.

                                                        Shock and Awe

        My friend Janets Booth

                                              This Quilt was quickly bought the first day.

                                             Janet waits patiently for me to take her picture.

 Some of Janets Quilts

                                         These dolls were looking for a new home.

                              Vintage applique quilt

                                             I wonder how much stuff  I can fit in my bag?    

                                     This is one of the Special Exhibits

  The Civil War Diary book is what a group of eight women used as inspiration for their
 eight separate quilts They exchanged blocks and worked on this project for a year.
I have scattered pictures of the quilts throughout my blog.
The book was by Rosemary Young and all the quilts were beautiful.The ladies
 expressed that it was great way to keep in touch with friends. Each lady created
 their own unique quilt using the Civil War book  along with their individual
choices of reproduction fabrics.
I am sure having to exchange blocks kept them on a deadline.  

 It sure inspires me to get some of my quilt projects done. The women suggest reading The Civil War Diary Quilt and The Civil war Love letter Quilt. If you love history I am sure you’ll enjoy these books.
 Just for fun See how many quilts you can see in my blog that are these ladies quilts.

                           Part three of the San Diego Quilt show in a couple of Days