Wednesday, September 29, 2010

San Diego Quilt Show 2010 Part Three Women who Care

                     San Diego Quilt Show 2010
                  I just had to talk about the caring women I met at
the Quilt Show. I was especially moved by the women who
were part of an organization that helps children with Cancer
and other life threatening diseases.

                    ConKerr Cancer-San Diego

Their slogan is Creating Smiles One Pillowcase at a time! 

Conkerr Cancer was started by a mother's love for her child that was stricken with Cancer.
Ryan Kerr battled cancer for six years before he lost his fight. Ryan’s mom
Cindy tried to make the hospital room more pleasant and
so she made pillowcases for him and other children
 in the oncology ward of the hospital.
       Ryan’s mother's promise to Ryan was that she would
 making pillowcases for other children
   The Optimist club of Southern California is trying to
 bring awareness of Pediatric Cancer
 and to donate pillowcases
 that bring a small
 bit of joy in a sterile hospital setting.

This volunteer group has already given over five thousand

Pillowcases to Rady Childrens hospital.

 Kids that need our help.Look at those Smiles!

                                                 Take a look at all these heart felt thank you's
                               from children,I was amazed at all the enjoyment
                               and gratitude coming from children receiving a
                               gift to rest their heads on.

                  There is a specific way to make the pillowcases making
                  sure to wash the fabric in water only.  No soap or fabric
                  softners.The website has the instructions on making the
                  pillowcases.Please help if you can. 

This is a book that Ryans sister wrote . I was especially  moved by the picture of the child. 

                      I was made aware that Conkerr wishes that they  
                     can have enough pillowcases made for 
                     Christmas so they can put a toy in the pillowcases 
                     for each child. I especially know how the holidays
                     can be a rough time to get through.Focusing on 
                     doing some good for some children might be  
                     a positive way to heal your heart while helping
                     others. Just a thought! 


                      Quilts that give comfort and kindness 

                                               Quilts of Valor     

Quilts of Valor

Sitting at her tables working away was a woman

With a mission.I stopped and chatted about what the

Quilts of Valor organization was and eagerly she explained the needs of honoring the wounded men and women of the military. These volunteers make quilts to give comfort to our military soldiers and veterans. If your thinking what can I do to help our military who have protected our country?
 I think they would love to have your help.

Quilts of Valor

As you can see Quilters are such busy people always helping others and creating wonderful quilts.  The San Diego Quilt Show had so much to look at. I didn't cover everything or I would be still writing away but I gave you a small glimpse of our Quilt Show. Here's more of the Civil War quilts I hope you like them.This is a you tube Video of the Civil War Quilts Kim Graf sent me.I know you'll enjoy it I did.



I loved the applique  


                                                                                               Maulie Brown


mtabar said...

Hi, thanks for writing about the SDQS, it is a lovely show, and from your photos you must love traditional quilts!