Friday, September 10, 2010

Glorious Gardens Design Center

I finally had a chance to blog about a new plant nursery that my good friend Linda and I went to on a Friday road trip to the coast . This nursery is located in Encinitas California. Linda had heard about this nursery at her garden meeting. So Glorious Gardens Design Center here we come. I brought along my camera and thought maybe there might be something to take a photo of. First the size of this nursery is small it’s on a corner and you look over and think hum is it worth stopping.

I would say Yes!! Yes! And Yes! This nursery has a definite art feel to it . I could not believe the creativity in this small nursery. I especially like their plant color combinations. They use tumbled glass in such an interesting way.Tumbled glass is in the pathways and also in the plant containers. Glorious Gardens puts the same hue of color in their plants that is really striking.The colors of the succulents the way they display the plants is so unique. This is so worth checking out when your up in the coast of San Diego. Linda and I usually mix up driving to nurseries and quilt shops when were up in Leucadia and Encinitas. It is always fun to check out garden nursery’s but sometimes the bigger ones look the same. This is a gem!. The creativity in this spot is well worth the drive. I noticed how friendly the ladies were and their knowledge of their plant inventory was great.Glorious Gardens is skillful at packing alot a plants in a small area.
 Glorious Gardens and Design Center also specialize in Xeriscape and Drought Tolerant plants
This is a unique garden spot and if you are feeling like you have seen it all one garden nursery after another check this nursery out. You will walk away with a lot of great ideas not to mention plants .
Glorious Gardens also specializes in landscape design and installation. I almost forgot here is their address  495 Leucadia Blvd Encinitas California.   


What a Bright and lively building!

This is the old truck that is on the corner
Glorious Gardens and Design Center.
You are instantly drawn to the old truck
which is filled with cacti and succulents


 This is the bed of the truck.