Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My big old Amish Pig

Rug hooking And my big old Amish Pig!

I had such a fun time today visiting with Bev my first rug hooking teacher. Years ago I found a Rug hooking of a pig. I saved my money and I paid on payments this big old Amish Pig. The woman who made it was an Amish lady name Annie Lapp. I bought it at an antique store on payments and treasured it since it was from Lancaster Pennsylvania. Since I was in California it was the closest thing to the Amish in Pennsylvania which is someplace I always wanted to go to. Years later I would be in Pennsylvania and walk into a weaving shop and see a similar rug. I was so excited to see the same type of rug and I was sure it was made by the same woman. Sure enough it was! Jump forward to today. I am sitting at Bev’s table looking at pictures of her rug hookings over the years when there is a picture of my Big Old Amish Pig. “Bev I have this pig! Bev laughs and explains that years ago she bought a rug hooking of an Amish horse from Annie Lapp. Bev had bought it since she worked at the antique store part time. I never saw the horse but we both couldn’t believe the coincidence of both of us having Annie Lapp rugs from Pennsylvania .I bought the Pig in 85 and that was my spark that started my interest in Primitive Rug hooking. I never saw Bev in the antique store and yet years later here we both sit looking at her photos of her first rugs she made and there in the book is what started me Rug hooking! What a serendipity moment!