Friday, August 13, 2010

Dee's amazing home

It's a step back in time when you see Dee's beautiful house. Dee's home is located in Southern California. You walk into another world when you go through her doors. I have been lucky enough to be inside her home and you feel like your in another time period. Dee is an accomplished craftswoman who over the years has made Early American crafts come alive. Dee has done woodcarving for years and has a great collection of carved dolls she's finished.As the years go by  she has worked on primitive rug hooking projects and even has made a little wooden log cabin house that sits in her kitchen. I met Dee in a rug hooking group and every time she came she brought beautiful treasures she had made . It might be a cloth doll she had made or a sampler that she had just  finished. All of us appreciated her happy personality and her  readiness to share her knowledge.Any question you asked on how she made something  she would gladly share how to make it.I was interested in wood carving and Dee told me what tools I would need.   
 A few people are lucky to have a beautiful home but Dee's home is beautiful because she is in it!. Her Early American style is so enchanting. Sitting by her fireplace antiques all around you and the music of another time. It' so Fun!!