Sunday, August 29, 2010

Maulie Brown goes to the ocean

That's SeaWorld in the background
Saturday Jack and I got up and took Maulie our Shitzu to Fiesta Island in San Diego.  Fiesta Island in San Diego has a great dog park . There is access to the beach and dogs are allowed to go romping without their leashes. My dog Maulie was so excited to be at the park for the first time. Maulie  got so active and energetic so quickly at Fiesta Island we both were laughing at her little doggie glee!  Usually you walk into the enclosure of a dog park and every dog rushes your dog.   Fiesta Island dog park is such a large area you can walk in with your dog and have more natural encounters with other dogs. One of  the things I noticed  at once was that  dogs are more interested in the beach or playing and smelling all the beach smells.   Maulie and Jack and I had a fun couple hours at the park.  Our little group  must have  walked about a mile just going on the trail with Maulie leading . I have to smile because Jack and Maulie had a great nap later in the afternoon. I guess it was good walk for all of us!After I dropped those two off  at home I rushed to the quilt show at Country Loft for the Sew for the Cure for Breast Cancer.Sew for a Cure is great cause and I'll share that story later in the week.

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I wonder what this plant is? It was growing in the sand and I just thought it had a pretty pink color.
Here are some other dog lovers walking their dogs at the dog park area of Fiesta Island in San Diego

Maulie is having a great time at Fiesta Island
You would think Maulie is a blood hound!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

More Hooking with Bev

The Wonderful World of My Rug Hooking Friends

This is my continuing story of my friend Bev and her joy of rug hooking. Bev explained to me that years ago she started hooking when she bought a red school house pattern for half price.Bev was fascinated by the art of hooking and a hooker was born!Bev and her friends would take classes in dying wools in Orange California with Jennifer Mckelvie.Wanting to learn more about rug hooking off she would go with a few friends for classes at The Quilted Apple in Phoenix with Emma Lou Lais in 1995 and 1998 .Eventually she would share her knowledge and teach at Country Loft in La Mesa. That’s where I met Bev.While Bev was showing me her rugs she let me have a peak at her stash of wools. I must admit I had wool envy! I thought I had a lot of wool Boy was I wrong.

The process of primitive rug hooking
The thing is you can go into a quilt store and there are many varieties of cotton but with rug hooking you have to build a library of wools. Creating the look of primitive rug hooking means more muted colors and antique looking colors that sometimes you  can't easily find at one shop. There is an art to getting your colors right in your rug. Lots of thought goes into getting the right primitive look for your rug. Simply put you need a bunch of wool to get a good result.It can be as simple as going to thrift stores and finding used wool skirts and overdying them. So happy hooking and start looking for wool!

 I love this Rug

 Moose in progress
Look at the different colors of the pine trees.  Bev uses different shades of green to make the picture look real. The moose also has a variety of browns . Even at this stage in the hooking you can see how well the rug is going to turn out.

Bev Welcomes you

Bev and her beautiful collection of Primitive Rugs that she has hooked over the years! The Welcome Rug invites you into her home.

 I love the way the horses are going in all different directions!
 I love the colors that Bev uses. The next Rug on this endless Rug hooking tour is drum roll please.... Horses

It is such a hot  August day!  I needed some snowman relief!!!Bev did a great job with her background colors. He is a great little patriot with his red white and blue flag. I'll be posting more of Bev's Rugs in the next couple days.Enjoy!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Primitive Rughooker Bev

Bev’s Primitive Rug Hooking Story

Beverly grew up in the great state of Tennessee where she lived with her grandparents and mother on her grandfathers farm. The house was an antebellum style home on over a hundred acres. Wow! Bev explained to me how her grandfather grew cotton and alfalfa. Bev’s memories of all the little animals that lived on the farm from horses to chickens to mules was sweet. She fondly recalled harvest time on the farm with everyone pitching in to harvest the crops on time.

Bev's Grandparents House

Years ago Bev introduced me to the great craft of Rug hooking. I eagerly wanted to interview her for my blog Back to Lark Rise. I was hoping to capture some wonderful pictures of her Primitive style rugs. I knew that Bev’s Rugs are truly a work of art. Primitive style rugs usually have wool strips that are cut one quarter inch. I prefer using linen for my background but going back many generations burlap was commonly used. Primitive rug hooking typically depicts animals, homes, barns and all sorts of Americana scenes. I wondered what created Bev's  interest so many years ago in Rug hooking. As she told me about growing up in Tennessee on the farm I just thought to myself that how could you not be influenced by the country scenes around you.But I would find out what piqued her interest in Primitive Rughooking as we talked further.

Bev and I had a fun converstion about her years as a stewardess for American Airlines She worked at Yellowstone Park and even at El Cajon Valley News. I loved hearing about her life growing up.I hope you enjoy these pictures as I  try to capture the beauty of this primitive art form.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My big old Amish Pig

Rug hooking And my big old Amish Pig!

I had such a fun time today visiting with Bev my first rug hooking teacher. Years ago I found a Rug hooking of a pig. I saved my money and I paid on payments this big old Amish Pig. The woman who made it was an Amish lady name Annie Lapp. I bought it at an antique store on payments and treasured it since it was from Lancaster Pennsylvania. Since I was in California it was the closest thing to the Amish in Pennsylvania which is someplace I always wanted to go to. Years later I would be in Pennsylvania and walk into a weaving shop and see a similar rug. I was so excited to see the same type of rug and I was sure it was made by the same woman. Sure enough it was! Jump forward to today. I am sitting at Bev’s table looking at pictures of her rug hookings over the years when there is a picture of my Big Old Amish Pig. “Bev I have this pig! Bev laughs and explains that years ago she bought a rug hooking of an Amish horse from Annie Lapp. Bev had bought it since she worked at the antique store part time. I never saw the horse but we both couldn’t believe the coincidence of both of us having Annie Lapp rugs from Pennsylvania .I bought the Pig in 85 and that was my spark that started my interest in Primitive Rug hooking. I never saw Bev in the antique store and yet years later here we both sit looking at her photos of her first rugs she made and there in the book is what started me Rug hooking! What a serendipity moment!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dee's Garden

Just when you least expect it more pictures of Dee's home and garden. Once you open her gate you are in the country. There is not a blade of grass just plants. You expect to see chickens running up to greet you! You might see a cat or two but mostly you'll see a front yard garden that accents her home beautifully.I took these pictures awhile ago.  I am so bummed I don't have a photograph of her wooden bridge that deposits you near her front door. It is so cool! Next time hopefully.  Take a glimpse at a small country garden.  The crow was a gift from one of her many friends. We could be so lucky!Be sure and click the garden picture to enlarge it.Wooden angel alert on the fence!You can't have it any better then an angel welcoming you.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Jack's newest birdhouse

Jack is having a great time playing with branches! I love the way he makes the windows in his birdhouses.  These lucky birds are getting some nice homes built but I am hoping I can convince my hubby to make me a log cabin dollhouse.The little chair he actually carved out of a small piece of wood. I think that it is truly a wonderful thing to use what you have and create!

Dee's amazing home

It's a step back in time when you see Dee's beautiful house. Dee's home is located in Southern California. You walk into another world when you go through her doors. I have been lucky enough to be inside her home and you feel like your in another time period. Dee is an accomplished craftswoman who over the years has made Early American crafts come alive. Dee has done woodcarving for years and has a great collection of carved dolls she's finished.As the years go by  she has worked on primitive rug hooking projects and even has made a little wooden log cabin house that sits in her kitchen. I met Dee in a rug hooking group and every time she came she brought beautiful treasures she had made . It might be a cloth doll she had made or a sampler that she had just  finished. All of us appreciated her happy personality and her  readiness to share her knowledge.Any question you asked on how she made something  she would gladly share how to make it.I was interested in wood carving and Dee told me what tools I would need.   
 A few people are lucky to have a beautiful home but Dee's home is beautiful because she is in it!. Her Early American style is so enchanting. Sitting by her fireplace antiques all around you and the music of another time. It' so Fun!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jax the Wonder Dog Hanging Ten

 Jax is hanging ten after vacationing near Yellowstone,Grand Tetons,Jackson Hole Salt Lake and of course Vegas. After returning from vacation he is hanging out at the pool. It's great to be a dog in Southern California. Only thing missing at the pool is Jax wearing his glasses. Jax actually wears sun glasses. Wonder dog Jax is having a cool time in August.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Sitting on a log
Jax Cabin
What a nice time!Just got back from a fun Birthday party.My husband Jack   created  this cabin  birdhouse for my cousin Marlene's birthday. Jack has been busy  making birdhouses with my friends dogs names on the birdhouse.Every evening he is in the garage working away. Jax is Marlene's dog who she dearly loves. Jax is one smart and busy  dog. He knows lots of tricks wears sunglasses swims in the pool and just got back from a trip to Yellowstone Park in Wyoming.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dutchman's pipe vine! Click the picture to make the photo larger

 What a  dramatic looking plant
This reminds me of Purple elephant ears 

Friday, August 6, 2010

Linda and her blank garden canvas

Here are some pictures of what Linda started with.
I am shocked at how much she accomplished in so short a time.
Thanks to David her husband and his support they both have a lot to be proud of. I just love her garden.

Linda's Garden

Raised Bed Vegetables
Roses leading the way!

Gallardia, Sunflower Zinnia Oh My!

Animal Friends in the Garden


The back yard paths

I love the way Linda created her garden paths .
On Linda's path you will see sometimes rabbits,lizard's running across the path. This is also a wildlife garden.

Strolling in the back yard

Dutchman's Pipe Vine and Tradscantia(purple heart) with Asparagus fern

Dutchman's Pipe Vine

Linda's wonderful Pergola

This Pergola is a work of art!
Linda has an interesting plant that hangs on her Pergola.
Dutchman's Pipe Vine

Linda's garden strolling through the front yard