Friday, December 31, 2010

A Primitive New Years Eve in California


I can’t believe it’s New Years Eve! It’s a quiet New Years Eve in California. . I ran to Costco bought a pizza and Maulie and I are waiting for my husband to come home. I am reminiscing on all the rug hooking projects I worked on. The quilts I finished and the ones I am still in the process of making. I called some girlfriends in Oregon and Missouri to wish them a Happy New Year and called my daughter and son in law to Wish them a Happy New Year too! Now I can relax listen to 
Wuthering Heights on my ipod and Thank all my new blog friends for taking a look at my life . I totally enjoy looking at everyone’s blog and count it as such a fun pleasure to see how everyone’s day is going. I know this sounds silly but when I was a little girl I used to look at Sunset Magazine. I would look in the back section and you could tear out a post card and mail it back. In return you would get information on different places in the United States. It was fun to learn about Nevada or Arizona or wherever. Blogging is like having a pen pal. So much better then Sunset post card!  I'll probably never go to all these places in the world   
but I can learn about the nice women who live all over this small  world…. Thanks for Following me on my blog Cheri

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Little Pecking Hen with a green Egg

             Who says a Egg has to be White in a Hooked Rug? 

For some time I have been obsessed with Chickens.Anybody who knows me has heard my countless chicken  stories. If you think I am crazy about Maulie you should hear my Chicken adventures. Raising Chickens is a funny experience.When I raised my chickens I was a truly city girl. No way could I eat them! My girls were pets. I loved calling them from my back yard in Crest and seeing the girls Fat rumps  swaying running to get their feed. My Rhode Island Reds were the big gals and they ran the other girls. Bossy! is a mild word.
When people say there is a pecking order it's true. I believed that I was going to have No mean girls so if you were a mean chicken you went to the coop in the back yard and not the nice one in my front yard.
During the day they would free range and then I would call them in mid day to their coop. There is nothing more Wonderful then hearing a chicken laying their eggs and walking out to their coop and getting a beautiful egg still warm in your hand.
I know it started as a child my grandfather or Tata as we called him had a bunch of chickens in his backyard. I remember as a child peering in at their funny faces. I remember my sweet Tata feeding them and me just Thinking how interesting they were. As I recall he went through one barn building crouching as he went in their pen to get their eggs.I looked in through the chicken wire and thought Wow their probably going to bite him! Boy he's brave! My  grandfather was in San Diego in the city so I guess city chicken raising has been around for a while. In Crest I had chickens at different times in my life there.First thing this Spring I am getting some new girls. I can hardly wait.
 So I guess there is nothing  more natural to me  then to hook these funny little creatures!
I like to add things to patterns.
 I added the eggs in each corner.
I saw that design in an
old Rug hooking book.



Sunday, December 26, 2010

Baaa Baa Black and White Sheep Have you any Wool?

I hope everyone had a good Christmas! I think I am in a turkey induced coma. I have been playing with my new Nano Ipod. I love it! It’s amazing how exciting it is to get a new computer plaything. It only took me a couple hours to figure out how to install a new Ipod. I went from a shuffle to a Nano To me it’s like discovering fire. I am such a cave woman. I think I realize what the caveman felt like when he had heat. Lol! I had forgotten my passwords and I finally had to reinstall my Itunes I know this is boring but the clincher is I have Fire and I am loving my new Nano.
 ,Plus I didn’t have to call
anyone to help me. So now back to Rug hooking! Check out this little Sheep she’s a cutie,

Last year I made this Sheep
for my daughter.
It was one of the projects
 in my rug hooking class that
    Donna gives at Country Loft.
I loved this critter.
 While at Megan's for Christmas
I spied the little  
Sheep and took some pictures.
 I like the idea it looks like a pull toy.
 Now I think I want to make another one.
Add one more project to my list!

Little Sheep under the Tree.

What a belly my little Lamb has!

Mekenna is watching me..

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Eve is almost here.....

     Oh Christmas
     Tree Oh Christmas
      Tree how Lovely are your  Branches......
          This evening I am done! All the packages are wrapped. I sigh and slouch in my husbands big easy chair with Morris in my lap and Maulie snuggled next to Morris for my undivided attention! To be loved by an animal is quite touching. As I sit thinking this out I think that there is nothing under the Christmas tree that I must have. 
The gifts of  close friendship is one thing I can't put
under the Christmas Tree.The gifts of having an interest in hobbies 
such as my Rug hooking and Quilting. The love of books and gardening.The love of a good man,  
Being fortunate to have a family and a roof over my head. So tomorrow when I am at my daughter's home
 I will look to the sky and thank the Good Lord for his Wonderful Gift.

                  Like these ladies.....

 Our glimpses into each others lives no matter where we live is so similar with family ,friends, pets and mutual interests. Blogging has been so  much unexpected fun. So many talented women sharing their hobbies and lives. So Have a great Christmas Eve tomorrow and don't drink
too much egg nog!Cheri

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A week of Rain near Christmas


                            It's been Raining Cats and Dogs so with that said

   Maulie needed a trip to the groomer...                      
Well the last minute Christmas shopping is almost done and I took Maulie to get her dog wash and hair cut. It’s pouring rain and I am driving through a bunch of  huge puddles and pot holes but by golly Maulie is going to look good for Christmas! I dropped her off at the groomer and dashed to Crest with some more house stuff. On the way up the hill I was stuck in line with other motorists because of Rocks that fell off the side of the hill. The big old tractor was removing the  Rocks with the poor Highway patrolman directing traffic in his rain gear. Water streamed from the hillside onto the road so I was careful driving down the hill after my drop off of more wools. You really never realize how much wool you have until you move! Living on a dirt road is always fun in the rain. You slip and slide as you try to get in the driveway. One of these days I am going to slide into the white fence! Southern California does not get a lot of rain so when we get rain you would think we were in a blizzard or something. I heard a couple of roosters in my neighborhood in Crest cockle doodle dooing I guess they don’t like the rain.
                          I guess I can't work as a pet Photographer! Lol

          I just wanted to share how Cute  Maulie looked at Christmas but someone was not in the mood. I wonder if Super models act this way at their shoots.  
 More Coyotes in the neighborhood in La Mesa their actually being very bold.So Morris is in the house until were back in Crest.I have three neighbors daily telling me of seeing them at all times of the day in peoples front yards and in the street.I don't want Morris to be the Christmas dinner for those coyotes! 
                                     The models have left the room.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Spirit of Christmas

                  What is the Spirit of Christmas to you?

This has been an especially hard Christmas season of unforeseen crises and friends with loved ones seriously ill. Families rushing to get a gift and yet the gift of a cup of coffee or a time spent listening to a friend is all we truly need. As a child all I wanted was something pretty wrapped up under that tree. Thankfully I realize that there is no wonderous gift I can find under that pretty pine tree, that the true Christmas gift is that little baby laying in the Manger. Have a Blessed Christmas ,Cheri

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Trains Planes and Automobiles

Today is a resting day from moving. I reheated some spaghetti for lunch and looked about for what next to move next week. Since this is Christmas we usually have a train set around the tree but their packed up so I looked at my husbands train room which he has dismantled and saw an old Erector Set Train. I am not sure how many people remember playing with erector sets but you could make anything from them. So from 1928-1937 the A.C . Gilbert company made them. So some Dad or kid put this train together. You could also put an engine in them to make them run. I wish this train could tell it’s story

This big old train has some rust spots but it is a testament to how good toys last. Toys made years ago lasted for ever especially boys toys but now it seems things are cheaply made and I wonder if someone else will be able to enjoy them years later.

                                                         Light Show at Disneyworld

Planes remind me of my daughter who is in Florida at Disney world. She called me yesterday to tell me how crowded it was. Crowded I have her two grand dogs here. Lol and Maulie and Morris and boxes everywhere but my front room which is my designated Christmas sanctuary.
I am going to two Christmas parties on Tuesday. One is my Country Loft rug hooking day group party. The other is my night Donna Rug hooking group party. It should be fun!


                                                       Pictures from Disneyworld

                                                          My Raggedy Andy

                                                        My Kitchen Hoosier mini Christmas scene

Automobiles …..

Is what I hope to do this week. There is a really neat Christmas home lighted show in East county on Jingle bell hill. You trail up a hill and every house is lighted up for Christmas. Your literally in line with cars inching up this hill block after block. I love it people are in their front yards watching all the cars and folks have bonfires going it’s so much fun. We take Maulie and she hangs out the window staring at everyone.

                                                         I like putting old books out as decorations.                                                        

Friday, December 10, 2010

Time to pack up my dolls and go home.

The love of dolls

It’s amazing how your tastes change in different times of life.  As I pack up my sewing room and pack things as I move I realize that I really have changed a lot. I love faceless dolls ,black dolls and China dolls much more now. But .......

Raggedy Ann’s were one doll that was a must have . Hard Plastic 1950’s dolls were another.I have about 100 of those dolls .I use to love to collect them . I had so much fun  going to doll shows all the time. So I am packing them up and storing them away to make room for my new love wool. So one last look as I take everything down from my sewing room.

                                                       I loved those big eyed dolls.


                                               I still like small sewing machines.
                                          and birdhouses and cows...

oh and rug hookings.          

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Let it Snow! Snow! Snow!


                                           All Shapes and Sizes

Snowmen’s come in all sizes and shapes from

My first rug hooking Snowman that is too primitive for words to a old snowman with twig arms and a funny little hat.

To a  Snowman in need of a hat. It’s fun to look at old projects and bring them out at Christmas and see how your

Creativity is getting a little better from the early years.

                                 My first rug

                                        I am a snowman in need of a hat.

 This last picture is a Christmas tree we did in our rug hooking group. You use a funnel for the base.I didn't do it another gal did. I am still working on my large rug.The picture is a little blurry sorry!  

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Blue Canisters and Christmas Memories

                                                      My Christmas Memory

I am sure all of us have remembered how special certain Christmas’s are in our life. In every person's life this wonderful time of year reminds us of old Christmas memories . We were living in a small town in Sheridan Wyoming having moved from California months before. I was soon to be a mother for the first time and all alone with my husband in a small western town. Whenever we went into town we would pass by a really nice specialty store with a display of  pretty blue and white canisters. I loved them and I remember looking at them every time we went into town and admiring them. I  recall being all bundled up staring at the new blue canisters in the store window. It was one of the coldest
winters in  decades ,well below 0. Since I was not use to the cold I felt so far away from home.
 By Christmas Day We had a new baby!.
 It was Christmas Day  and I had this new baby with no family by ourselves up in Wyoming.Homesick and new to such strong cold winters I felt so so homesick! As I opened up my presents I had a  happy surprise. I couldn’t believe my husband had gone to the specialty  store and bought the new blue canisters for me. It was something we couldn’t afford but it was so special!

So here I sit at Christmas time having some earl grey tea. Sitting on an old wing back chair staring at my Old blue canisters.Years later their on my Victorian sideboard and thinking how special I felt with that new baby who is now grown and married , a husband that loved me . My Blue canisters have moved from home to home with a couple of age marks here and there but they remind me of a truly happy memory of Christmas past.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas decorating fa la la la!

 La La la La La!    


                                                                       This is one of my Early Rughooking
                                            She comes out at Christmas.


I Think I have finished decorating for Christmas!. Since I am moving back to Crest I have been packing my sewing room and as I replace things on the walls I am putting up my Christmas decorations. I have slowly started the task of deciding do I really like a decoration or not?. Just because a dear friend gave me something I liked 20 years ago maybe our taste change as we get older. I have a primitive side of decorating and then I have a little grandma in the kitchen style of tins and cookie cutters and old aprons. So at least one room will be filled with the Joy of the Holidays and the other rooms have all sorts of boxes in all shapes and sizes.

                                               I have never known what those plates say.Oops i need to fix the Santa that fell.

              Another  snowman I made years ago. Boy it looks primitive !

                 Do you ever wonder why you just don't finish your quilt?
I finally finished my Snowman quilt.
             This Quilt has been sitting for at least three years.
              I just needed to bind it.I machine quilted it myself.

                                   Blessings to All!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jax the Wonder Dog is deep in thoughts of Camping and his little Vest!

                                Jax and his friend Racoon

Camping vests
keep short haired dogs warm during cold
winter  Days.
  My Cousins dog Jax just loves to pose. Recently my husband and I were discussing Maulie my Shitzu's modeling abilities and Jack told me how he thought that Jax the Wonder dog looks better in outfits then Maulie because Maulie B is basically a head and a ball. Jax the Wonder dog has a long nose and a good neck where as poor Maulie is a plus size gal! O.K that hurt! Maulie can't help that Shitzu don't have much of a nose and hey not everyone has a long neck. Short necks are useful in some cases. Short necks come in handy when knitting a Dog scarf. Jax is a very smart dog  who  knows a ton of tricks because my cousin spends  quality time training him. I am amazed on how smart your dog can be if you take him  to dog obedience classes.
Maulie B best trick is laying on her back and getting belly rubs.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

What are your favorite Memories of Thanksgiving?

I think mine are the happy times in the kitchen carving up

the turkey and picking at the marshmallows on top of the yams. The sound of my mothers voice telling us to leave the food alone. My father with his usual stories at the dinner table and his sage advise to us all. My dad was quite the character!My brother Steve always wanting no celery in the macaroni salad. I think it was just the normal banter of family that overall is the happy memory! The sounds throughout the house of noisy brothers.

Tomorrow I am off to my daughter and son in law home for a Happy Day of family.
My dog Maulie is traveling with us.Maulie is quite the car fly. It will be a nice day of turkey and stories with me continuing where my dad left off and Steve sadly also isn’t around for the macaroni salad but he is with us in spirit.

Thanksgiving and holidays change as we grow older but the memories are always there at these special times of the year to remind us how lucky we were to have our loved ones in our lives and to appreciate the family we still have.

Hopefully Maulie will behave with Megan’s dogs and not be a Diva !

As for Turkeys I once plucked a wild turkey and prepared it for Dinner with a girlfriend. What an experience . That was the best Turkey it tasted nutty. I even had the Turkey feathers in a enamel pot in the garage for years! So hug your family eat your turkey and be blessed with all that you have.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Rainy Saturday


                      To Grandmothers house we go,
            I am having a nice cozy day with my family of pets and a hubby watching Nascar. I am working on 12 days of Christmas which I had better hurry up with since it's getting closer to the beginning of the Christmas Season. Morris was missing this morning. He was a stray we adopted and he refuses to stay inside. Even though he is fixed he is a Roamer. That's why  we nick name him Morry Roamer. It was raining and a million things went through my mind. He finally show'd up wet and not that hungry so I think he is definitely eating somewhere else. Here is what I finished last year To Grandmother's house we go. It is a Cheri Payne pattern.

                 My Rug Hooking in progress!

                Maulie is a tired girl that needs a bath before Thanksgiving
                Taking a snooze and a big yawn! I stuck this old blanket on the floor for her so she could enjoy the space heater.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The J Paul Getty Museum views of Los Angeles with a Happy Anniversary Gift of a Pen!

              So this last Sunday my husband and I celebrated our 35th   Wedding Anniversary. One of the things on our bucket list
  was to visit the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. We woke up early  and drove up to L.A. It took a couple hours to drive to Los Angeles but it was well worth it. We were lucky the traffic wasn't too bad. This is a wonderful Art Museum full of
great artists.Monet,Degas and Rembrandt were my favorite artists at the Getty. You take a tram to the top of a hill and have a great view of L.A. It was a breezy Santa Ana and we were lucky to get some good pictures looking out at L.A. I didn't take any pictures of their many paintings because no camera's that use a flash are allowed.  Look on their web site at some of the artist and the wonderful buildings that house their collection.

                                               The middle of L.A.
                              is in the left side of
                              the picture. This is a really
                              clear picture. L.A. is usually 
                              filled with more smog. Santa
                              Ana winds cleared up the sky.
                              I wish I had taken more pictures
                              but I was busy looking at paintings.         


 This is a picture of walking thru the door of the Getty .There were a few people looking about not knowing which way to go. A good idea a volunteer suggested is to watch The Getty’s orientation film. My husband and I listened to the orientation movie about the different buildings that house the paintings and other forms of Art which took about 10 minutes. Then we were off to look at the Masterpieces! The Tapestries, Stained glass , Sculptures were beautiful!. Most people were using their cell phones to take pictures.

My husband Jack’s hobby is woodworking which he does really well! I am so lucky to have a husband that works with his hands. I would rather have a hand made item them a store bought gift any day of the week. I was really touched with his gift

Of a lathed pen with a sunflower design. It took little pieces of wood to make this pen. I really do appreciate my gift. Maybe another woman would want a piece of  jewelry but for me give me a piece of wood Art!

                                                                                                                          Little Bee 

                   The End!