Monday, September 28, 2015

Still waiting for Fall to begin in Southern California

Another heat wave!
I wish I could say that the weather feels like fall but this week summer came back.  Hot weather just  keeps sticking around Crest. Once again the only dampness I am feeling is the sweat on my brow.I am trying to force feelings of fall by sipping on Pumpkin Spice black tea.Maybe that will help. Lol!

 Come on Summer give us a break!


I went to rug hooking last week but the only person that showed up was Janet. So Janet held up my rug for me to take a picture for the gals that were missing.

Today my
hubby is watching football sitting in his easy chair air conditioner blasting away.
  Poor Maulie is sleeping in her little bed and Morris is outside .

I have decided to work on a rug pattern from last year .I think it was in a magazine but I can't remember which one it was.  
  The fun begins gathering my dark wool's for the background of the primitive rug.   I just noticed the white on the stocking hat is just too white.Time to rip!

                                                                   Fall at the Country Loft

I brought my rug to show and tell but only Janet was at 
rug hooking.

This rug is from last year at Christmas time.
 I am going to work on it this fall

                                                                 One of my ideas is to have
                                                      Maulie my Shitzu be on the other side
                                                      of the Christmas tree.

                                                           Fixing an old family hooked rug

                                                A piece of linen is needed to start repairs

                                                                One of Michele's quilts

                                          Last nights blood moon looking out from my deck

                                                          The beginning of the blood moon

                                                    We looked to the stars and it was amazing

                                                                    Have a great week!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Primitive Rug hooking at the Country loft

Well it's been a busy couple of days!
I love this doll at the Country Loft

 Tuesday I really enjoyed my time at the Country Loft.The gals and I were rug hooking away for a couple of hours .The rain finally started to come down and it was wonderful!We need the rain so bad in California.This drought is really doing a number on our state.Nurseries are going out of business because of the water restrictions and it seems like this is how it's going to be for awhile.
That is one of the things I envy about everyone back east cool weather. You can really enjoy hooking away when there is snow on the ground and cold weather arrives.The atmosphere is perfect for sitting with a cup of tea and hooking away.It's harder to hook away when it's super sunny outside.
 I know I get inspired every time we meet for hooking which I need.
We ended up having rain for two days off and on so for us that feels like fall.

                                                           It's going in the bedroom

I finished hooking my three cat meows thank goodness but then I noticed the rug wasn't looking square so as usual I had to get the ruler out and make it square. I have the most difficult time even if I hook the outline of my rug it still gets wonky. Does anyone else have that problem? I still have to put the binding on.

                                                    I am bringing out my fall hooked rugs
                                                    This is when I started hooking and tried
                                                     an uneven border so it had depth.
                                                    I wanted to add the cat and pumpkins
                                                                  I like it.

This is a quick post since I am behind with everything today. I had an eye doctor appointment this morning.I got my eyes dilated and I was shocked I have cataracts in both eyes.Yikes!! No wonder I kept telling hubby I can't see when I am driving at night. At least I can see close up but that explains why I have been feeling like that old cartoon character Mr.Magoo.So I am getting new glasses with bifocals until I have to have surgery.  Oh I have arrived. I am officially getting older.I don't feel like I am in my early 60's but  apparently my eyes feel like they are.

Enough of my silly complaining here are some pictures of what everyone has been doing at the Primitive Ruggers group that Donna created at the Country Loft. Enjoy!!
Mary's rug

Donna made such a nice rug

Sandy finished the Santa


                                                                cute pillow pattern

                                                             That's it for now have a great weekend
                                                              hugs Cheri

Thursday, September 3, 2015

August just flew by but left behind some Turkeys

Still working away on my three cat meows

Well as I sit here typing away what can I say I miss you all.  My daughter was really ill this month.  Between going to the hospital driving back and forth taking care of my grandson picking him up at preschool driving in crazy traffic it wasn't a day at the beach.But I am happy to be at home.
 In Crest we had hundred degree weather and humidity. I am so happy to say it is cooler this week.It is slowly starting to feel like fall.

 August was so much stress but I am finally going to be able to sit down and reconnect with every one's blogs this weekend.In all the times my only daughter has been ill this was totally the scariest. Megan is home still having difficulties but hopefully this soon shall pass.Thanks for all the kind prayers for our family.
      I am sure I have told you I once plucked a whole wild turkey when I lived in

 I met up with some wonderful  friends and now I am back feeling like I have something to talk about!

 My Hubby was up at a week long class in Sacramento so he took some pictures of turkeys he was seeing all over the place.

Next week is rug hooking hopefully I can attend and get some rug hooking pictures.But here are some quick pics of my primitive rug and a older rug that I am going to repair made by a relative of my mother in law Alice.


I love this rug I am working on 

                                  I am going to remove the old yarn and put a piece of burlap
                                  and stitch it down and then rehook.