Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tuesday Rug hookers at the Country Loft

                                                                     Needle Punch
                                                                     Michele's work
 Sometimes I get a little use to staying at home. I hate driving down the hill all the time just for groceries and all the mindless errands I need to do. So occasionally I have to talk myself into going to rug hooking. Tuesday I was getting dressed to go out war paint slapped on my face a little bit of the curling iron and I was out the door. Maulie is always sad when I leave and I feel so guilty.

                                                                        Michele did this one too
Last week while working on my hooked Rug I found a brown bag of nuts in the pantry and knew I had been given them at rug hooking a while ago. I asked the gals yesterday at rug hooking what were they? The Mystery was solved Pecans. Janice had brought them in from her garden a while ago and everybody had taken some home.

                                                                       more quilts

                                                             quilts on the wall of the Loft

                                                                Marjorie's punch needle

                                                                     I Love this Chicken

Marjorie's needle punch

Everybody was sharing what projects they had been doing Marjorie and Michele brought in their needle punch. Michele uses six strands and Marjorie is a three strand gal. Marjorie kindly demonstrated to Janice and I how to get started. So needle punch here I come.

Talented Stephanie brought in her Cross stitch and her current rugs she selling on her web site. Enjoy!

                                                                         Stephanie's work

                                                        Some more needle punch of Marjorie's
                                                          Next comes the frame

                                                 Stephanie wow!  On Linen sooo tiny
                                                                   Red white Blue

 Jan is making something super special 

some goodies

                                                             Notice the center of this quilt

Friday, July 20, 2012


Well it started warming up again way too hot to garden. Well I decided to keep dyeing my wools and I rediscovered Pinterest thanks to a follower.I spent way too much time looking at different sites and I am computer challenged but with help of  my daughter I have a follow button.I had to be talked thru to get my html button back.I wiped it off my layout page! I am such a newby blogger when it comes to adding stuff to my blog.I  I hope you like it and enjoy the pictures of rugs I found on the web that inspire me. There a lot of interesting spots out there on the web. Enjoy just click the button and see what I find interesting from Quilts to Hooked rugs.It will be a work in progress as I pin what I like....
The Pinterest button is  on the right side of my blog . Scroll down below the followers and you'll see a Pinterest follow me button Just click it!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Antique quilt, Rug hooking and a squirrel

                                                              One of Bev's Quilts 

                                          It's great when you have the history
                                  of an old quilt.

Sometimes Life is just a simple sigh of Contentment.
This morning I sat outside as Maulie watched at her favorite spot at the fence for unsuspecting walkers with their canine friends. She always makes me laugh because she just loves to dog watch. Those unexpected barks at dogs in her morning makes her day. They walk by her totally unaware she is in corner watching their unsuspecting movements ready for her bark of her day.Maulie is one nutty little Shitzu!
Our dirt road is a perfect spot to watch Life goes by whether its dogs, people or horses it’s a sigh of contentment to me. Maybe as we get older we enjoy the little things a lot more.I can keep myself occupied all day with my projects.  I can’t believe how much a new rerun of a series on T.V.(Ballykissangel) or a new author I discover makes my day.I feel like my summer days are so precious to me for some reason. I hope I am not the only person who feels like she’s a kid when it comes to simple ordinary things.

                                                 No pics of the rabbit but I did get the squirrels

It’s finally a little cooler in San Diego County and so I was busy weeding and looked across and saw a big rabbit bounce by the park in front of me.  This unexpected jolt of  of nature bouncing in front of me is a sweet reminder of what I can’t control in my garden  Bunny tails going away from me is fine with me no threat to my garden today.

                                            One thing a novice gardener can grow is Morning Glories

 I feel like an inward sigh when I hear the birds and can see everyone in my little world going about their business. Birds chirping Morris yawning and hummingbirds darting about. I have a hummingbird feeder out in the front yard but no hummingbirds yet. For a couple of days there was a really pretty sounding bird that I had no idea where it was but wow a voice! I wonder if there is a spot on the Internet to identify bird calls?
Last week I stopped at a feed store to check out their chickens. They looked O.K. but I didn’t like that the young girl didn’t know what all the breeds they had. So I am going to check out next week another feed store for chicks.
My rug is coming along but I have had to dye some more wool to get my off white wool's darker.Well I gotta go lots to do during these lazy days of summer.Oh one last thing I was happily surprised  this week I have another follower.
I am up to 90 Wow! Hugs to all Cheri
                                                              another vintage quilt
                                                    (Michele took these pics of the quilts)

                                         My old water cans 

                         update...   Still hooking Egg and I road   

                                   Making a pot of old brown
                                             Dye pot       
                                            oops too brown
                             Taking out my wool . Next I
                             am going to stick the wool in the 
                            water and vinegar pot to fix it.

                                          Little Squirrel
                                   Are you looking at me?

                                        Morning Glory  

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Oh Joy were having a heat wave!

                                                     What a good color selection I see in nature

                                                                    Sea World pictures

It is so hot in Crest today I feel like I could fry an egg on my hot little head. The heat wave finally got here and now I have true sympathy for my fellow hot hookers!
This last weekend hubby was pounding away on his train room. It continued during the week after work.  So every day between boxes lifted  back and forth to the front room at times I feel like I am moving again.
Jack has been busy making his layout and I guess you have to plan as much as we do on making a hooked rug. For some reason the sound of ear splitting sawing, nailing rectangular shaped pieces of wood together and train boxes being carted back to the front room again and again is slightly annoying especially in this heat.   I am getting cabin fever!

I try not to run the A.C. because it can get so expensive so I feel like wearing a wet T shirt all day.Those poor people back east that had no electricity that sounded awful. 
Poor Maulie is so hot with no energy. Maulie just wants to lay on the tile floor in the kitchen all day. Morris is being kept inside at night even if he wanting to be out in the cool night air. There are a lot more coyotes howling near us lately. Morris would easily feed a family of four and be dessert. 

 Meanwhile back to the train and being helpful. I don’t know about you but I was suggesting how his layout should go up and was getting a little carried away since I couldn’t hook with all the noise when I got this look. You know that look men can convey when your giving a little too many suggestions. I do love being the supervisor! Hubby suggested would I like it be called Cheri’s train room? Now isn’t that sweet he wants to name it after me. That does sound nice but No thank you since I have no idea how he keeps the track and everything going!


So I decided to try not to give him too many more pearls of advice. He is so content playing in there so I am hoping the sawing is over and now the fun begins wiring train track and buildings.Oh Joy!

                                                              upside down seal

                                                          Colorful flamingo

                                                     Shamu underwater 

                                                      Little Jack is watching something
                                                   This cute little girl was having a great time

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sea World and my Primitive Rug

Color inspiration
 How  crazy am I. I was eating Jacks birthday cake and noticed
that the cake was chocolate
 and the ice cream was a pretty purple
The dark of the cake contrasted
 with the ice cream great! 
I am going to try to put a dark brown
 in the lettering since the purple lettering does not pop!

Summer is flying by!
Last Sunday we went to Sea world again. It’s great having passes we don’t have to rush around and frantically go to one show after another.   After meeting up with my daughters family we walked around the park. Here are some pictures I took of the day and how I am progressing on my Egg and I Rug. Once again I started with a pattern and then changed it to make it more personal.

I am a color fanatic now because of rug hooking.I am even more so aware of colors in nature

That's how I felt after eating birthday cake all week!

I think I am like that flamingo with it's head in the water.
                                        I am in my own little world while
                                        everyone else is looking around.

                                 I wonder how the flamingo's like a roller coaster next to them

                                                                     Tide pools

                                                      Little Jack making friends at Sea World

This was the Sesame street area for little kids 

                                                             Little kids in motion

                                   These birds like to steal the fish when your feeding the seals 
                                       It was a fun day! This week flew by ...

                                                                A star fish Rug?

                                                               Have a nice weekend , Cheri