Thursday, June 28, 2012

Red White and Blue

Red White and Blue

Stephanie has been busy cross stitching   

The Country Loft is ready for July

Here are some pictures of what the ladies have been working on

                                                    Stephanie was busy cross stitching 
 It's a blazing hot today! I can't believe that yesterday as I looked out my patio door was a big bushy squirrel  was just sitting here.I have seen more and more squirrels and rabbits in Crest in the last couple years but sitting in my patio? I had a fun day at rug hooking group at the Country loft on Tuesday here are some quick pictures of what the ladies have been working on. We had Michele's niece Ashley visiting the group she is busy working on her first quilt. Ashley is doing a great job. Well I had better go check on my plants and make sure nobody is wilting!

                                                           Stephanie always does great work!

                                                    Ashley's first quilt she is busy working on

                                                  What a cute bag Ashley made

                                                             Michele's little owl

                                                                       great finds in the Midwest

                                                                     Love this Eagle

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Look what bloomed in my garden

The week that was..

I had a really busy week between making sure everything had water in my garden and working on my Egg and I rug. During the week I mowed the back yard to make a path to the very back of my yard. I was sweating away in the middle of the day. I was questioning my decision of mowing the back on such a hot day When I  had a happy surprise. I discovered a big cactus bloom it was so beautiful.It was in a big pot and had ice plant all over it. I felt bad.Even after being neglected it was the prettiest bloom in my garden.Wow! Maybe that's a metaphor on our lives.hummm.

My daughter has been having a rough time with pain so I went out to give some moral support. Pain is such an isolating condition and it seems it never will end.For all those that suffer with ongoing health issues my heart goes out to them.  After a day and a half and lots of hugs to little Jack who thinks I am a nutty Nana.  Little Jack was introduced to gently touching my hooked rug. Little Jack had such a look of awe.I kept saying gentle while he touched it. I have been crazy in love with hooking on linen lately it is so much easier in my hands. So Saturday I had one look back at the little family wishing I could fix what I can't but with a simple prayer in my heart I was back driving my hour and a half in crazy southern California traffic and back up on my Crest hill to Maulie Morris and hubby.

So Saturday when I got back home there was in my small front room was box after box of old trains. My hubby had taken everything out of his train room so he could put up his train shelves. I could only smile. Finally he is truly making some headway getting his old trains up on display. I can hardly wait  for someday little Jack and grandpa to be playing in grandpa's train room.

I bought this old coffee grinder from my neighbor.My neighbors mom passes away awhile ago and so he had this weird piece of pottery of his moms collection. Has anyone ever seen anything like it. It's like an acorn or nut is in the pottery?weird

                                                It's funny a plant so sharp and prickly
                                                can make something so pretty!
                                                For some reason it reminds me of some
                                                people I have met in my travels thru life.
                                                                 hugs to all Cheri

Friday, June 15, 2012

Egg and I Road primitive rug ,Visions Quilt Museum

This week I have been enjoying hooking my new Egg and I Road primitive rug. I really enjoy hooking this rug on linen it's easier to hook with and easier on my hand. I spent late last night way past twelve hooking away. There is nothing better then laying in bed as your head hits the pillow thinking what color wool are you going to use next on your rug! Instead of  what problems of the day you encountered your mind is swirling with enthusiasm for what your making on your piece of linen. I am so happy and content when I creating something I am never bored.I was wishing I could just skip sleeping because I was in the hooking zone. I decided that I am going to use black on the letters but my black wool needs to be muted. I tried to use the Tide way of draining some of the color out of the black wool but it didn't work.I guess I will have to dye a pot of wool.

                                          When I am done I will have a permanent reminder of
                                          Washington State and Bainbridge Island
                                          and going down the Egg and I Road
                                          with my daughter.
                                                  I need to move the little tree over a little I think

  On Wednesday I went with my friend to Visions Quilt museum a contemporary Quilt museum in Point Loma . I like traditional quilts the best but even if it’s not your cup of tea you do get ideas of what’s out there

 in the contemporary world of quilting. I couldn’t take pictures of the quilts inside the exhibit. Darn!
That was disappointing  . The quilts were wild using all mediums on fabric.They were story quilts and very interesting but there was no way you would see these quilts laying on someones bed.  Some reminded me of altered art on fabric anything goes.The Visions quilt  museum is situated in a redone military base and now it’s filled with shops, churches, restaurants,markets and fitness centers. We saw military men jogging by too.   It is such a smart and  unique way of making and old base part of Point Loma's community by updating it to fit in with today's needs.
                                                                          Quilt Museum


                                                             Woke me up Lol

                                                                   The planes fly low

                                               These are some examples of members work

It reminds me of altered art but with fabric

                                                      Things for sale in the gift shop



                                                    Art benches were on the outside of buildings


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Blogger Vacation

My Blogger vacation Update Primitive rug  I have pictures!

I went on blogger vacation and didn’t tell anyone. I have like all of you been super busy and then blogger wouldn’t let me attach photos so I just threw my hands up in the air and Had a blogger vacation. I had a post and the dumb blogger refused to attach the photos. So Blogger vacation! I have more projects in my head then I can ever do in a lifetime. I have been working on my rug and here is how I am doing.

I think it's working let see 
Jacks birthday party

 You don't have to imagine my rug has part of the lady done in purples the little boy is in blue black gray and I am starting on hooking the eggs next. Thanks to blogger friends I have pictures to share.

Friday, June 1, 2012

My next primitive rug

Throwing out color ideas 

Today I finished transferring my pattern from a pattern from Little Quilts.I used the woman and child and stick flower but added my own thoughts to make it personal. I just liked the simplicity of this pattern and yet I have a bunch of decisions to make. I added chickens from old cookie cutters,I put eggs in the corners and added words from a place in Washington I visited and good book I read last year.
I have been looking at my rug books and trying hard to make up my mind what color for the woman and child's clothes.I usually spread out my books and rug hooking magazines and study colors that I like in other hooked rugs I think I like Old orange and blues. Next today I was gathering up my wools to find the perfect wool colors to make it look old. My stash is getting more and more depleted so it looks like I am going to have to get out my dye book .My hope is try hard to make it look like an old rug. What a lot of thought goes in before I even hook one loop. Am I the only slow rug hooker when getting started on a new rug?