Sunday, April 29, 2012

Seattle Pikes Place Market First day in Seattle

                              Camp Castaway Sock Camp adventure 2012 

                  Pikes Place Market reminded me alot of Fishermans wharf in San Francisco

                                Memories of our first day to Seattle on the way to Sock camp

                                                         random lady looking at flowers

Last week I was on the go as we left at six in the morning from Ontario airport in California and flew to Seattle on Alaska airlines. Well by nine o clock we were in Seattle Washington and a different world. There is so much running around and stopping when you are flying somewhere. You have to be at the airport two hours in advance. Then the security is crazy. Then you get a pat down that was interesting . Lol!

It seems your constantly checking in and waiting to do something whether it be security or hotels or in taking a van to get a rental car and finally it feels like your on vacation and on to camp castaway sock camp. Our plan was we arrived a day early and do some sightseeing before classes started at Camp Castaway. First stop after we had wheels again was to go to Pikes Place market in Seattle ,Take the ferry to Bainbridge island and then go to Port Ludlow drop off our luggage and go check out Port Townsend and Fort Worden
State park.
                                               On the way to Bainbridge Island

                                                A view from Pikes Place Market of the Ferry to
                                                Bainbridge Island
                                           The ferry Ride

                                                      Taking the ferry to Bainbridge Island
                                                     So much fun inside but above deck cold!

                                                                    Time for Lunch
                                                     I loved the food and the garden
                                                     at where we ate on Bainbridge Island
                    I want Hubby to make some of these raised beds

Isn't this a great setting for lunch

The house across the street from where we ate
I thought this dog looked cute waiting patiently for his owner to eat lunch 

Then we were on our way to Bainbridge Gardens and all this was on my birthday the 18th
It was fantastic going to a plant nursery on Bainbrige Island and seeing the Pacific Northwest
which is beautiful!

  The totem at Port Ludlow Eagles land on it!

On to Port Townsend
My first sock with Blue moon 
 This is my sock mid week.
  I finally got to the heel flap in camp
which I was very happy with.
Now on to turning a heel.Lol
All the ladies made socks all the time so I was happy I got this far!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Flowers for Leontien

Flowers for Leontien...
Leontien I am thinking of you and your brave kind spirit !
Here are some flowers from Pikes Public Market in Seattle
I am sending ooodles of prayers to you, Hugs Cheri

Friday, April 27, 2012

Rughooker at Sock Camp So much fun!

What an amazing experience the last week has been.

Have you ever had a experience that you feel changes who you are or who you see yourself as? Going to sock camp was like putting on a brand new hat. I wasn’t a rug hooker this week but a newbie knitter at sock camp and yes I got to my heel flap on my sock! I love sock knitting!

I had so many amazing experiences it will takes weeks for me to get it all on paper.I got in yesterday afternoon and was greeted by one excited Maulie. Hubby was equally excited to see me! Morris could care less.

This will be a short post because I still have to download all my pictures but what I came away from Camp Castaway sock camp was sometimes we have to get out of our comfort zone and be the newbie in a class.

I am a pretty talkative person yet shy at times and I hate to get in front of people and do a speech. But there I was holding up my rug showing my sheep hooked rug and getting a round of applause. Then there was another time you had to get up to show what you made for Camp Castaway Sock camp and I was proudly showing my first knitting increases. The final crazy freeing moment was when I was at Pikes Market in Seattle having a fish thrown at me with a crowd of people yelling as I caught it!

As my daughter said Mom your like a hamster who just got off the wheel. I did and Oh it feels good! I feel like I embraced my inner hippie!!

As I sit here at the computer I have incense burning a basket of dyed yarns sitting on my wood burning stove and a greater appreciation of nature and art in all forms.

I love all the colors of the Pacific northwest there is such an artist feel of such beautiful colors the locals experience in the nature of the water and the trees and the islands! You can see why it comes out in their beautiful dyed Yarns.

So bare with me the next couple of weeks as I talk about my Adventure at Sock Camp.

And yes the Yarn Harlot is a hoot and Tina of Blue Moon Fiber is so nice and dyes the most amazing colors. Those two are like a stand up comedy team your face hurts from laughing.

I will always have these great memories of Otters swimming and walking past me. Canadian geese making honking sounds as they fly by the people of the northwest with wonderful crazy colored hair. I sit here thinking of taking the ferry to Bainbridge Island and spotting grey whales on our boat ride near Whidbey Island.

This time with my daughter was so very special .Her realizing how alike we are. The time we spent being together on an adventure which Megan and I experienced as grown up mother and daughter.

The thoughts that swirl in a moms mind at times like this is like a wash machine on a gentle cycle processing the past months of her illness and seeing how determined a young woman she was to be able to be there with her fellow knitters and being one with a love of knitting socks and knitting.

So much fun and yet such an accomplishment from where we had been months before.

 More stories to come…..

Monday, April 16, 2012

Camp Castaway Sock Camp at Port Ludlow Washington

                                    Blue Moon Camp Castaway here I come!

Well blogger friends here is my last blog before I leave on Tuesday for Camp Castaway sock Camp! The theme is pirates.

This is such a nice birthday present from my daughter. The fact that she wanted me to include me in her adventure touches my heart.

I have never been to Seattle and I am looking forward to seeing Pikes Market. I can hardly wait to see Bainbridge Island. I can just see us driving thru the island to get to Port Ludlow.. I can hardly wait to see if I can find some sea glass and I will be sure and take lots of pictures for all of you.

The sock camp talent show will be interesting and Megan suggested showing my sheep rug hooking I gave her for my talent so maybe I’ll recruit some knitters into rug hookers. I hope so! I finally finished my pirate themed little kerchief I am now ready! Megan made a great pirate hat she knitted and felted amazing!

                                                                  My pirate kerchief I knitted

                                                   Megan knitted and felted her pirate hat

The dye class I think will be my favorite class. I am so excited I can hardly wait. So much has transpired this last year which has been truly heart breaking at times so to just have this adventure that Megan and I can share and enjoy is a true blessing.

Now this sounds silly but when I was a child I use to send away for travel brochures of places to see and would love when a travel brochure would come of different states.I was always sending those free postcards to get tourist information.What a silly kid I was. One of the places I always wanted to see was the Pacific northwest.Wow I feel like a kid I am so excited. Lol!

                                                    I am so close to getting my hooked rug done!

  here is a link that tells about the sock camp
                                                     Well back to packing....hugs Cheri

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Rug hooking Tuesday at Country Loft in California

Last Tuesday was a fun day of rug hooking we had a nice lady Margaret that came to check us out and left our group a old cutter. Margaret also brought some rugs her family had made over the years and a rug she had hooked. Pam brought a quilt she had quilted and repaired and as usual Pam is brilliant at whatever she does. So here are some pictures enjoy..

                                                            Back Yard of Country Loft
                                                         Every thing is blooming
                                                                  This is their building that houses antiques for sale
                                                         Now Rug hooking group

                                                         A rug cutter donation for our group
                                                 Rug from Margaret that was visiting us
                                                     Margaret who was visiting us hooked this

                                                 Now on to what the ladies have been up to

                                                                  Jan knitted this sweater
Pam repaired and Quilted this quilt 

This little quilt was hanging on the wall
                                                 It was hard to get a picture of  Pams quilt

more antiques

                                                             Have a Happy weekend

                                                               I am finally caught up!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

A woodcarvers garden and a little bit of sock knitting

Busy Busy gal I have been this week. Between rug hooking lots of errands, buying knitting needles and shopping for clothes I have been so busy!I used my left over ham and made ham and bean soup for hubby since it's cold and rainy today. I am going to freeze some for him so he can have it while I am gone at sock camp.I am going to miss Hubby and Maulie and of course Morris.Next week I'll be in Port Ludlow knitting needles in my hand and a smile on my face.  

First I have some current pictures from Dee’s garden.

About a month ago she needed a new fence so out went her tree and a new fence was put up and a new gate. It was sad to lose the tree but I like the way she used her old fence against the new one. All gardens change thru out the life of a gardener and every season brings adversity whether it’s gophers,rabbits,frost or a new fence. I was happy to see her garden still had her unique personality. I like her logs that she pushes  around her garden to give it a natural look.

It was such a lovely day at Dee’s we had tea and shortbread and a cup of ice cream. Visiting Dee in her home is stepping back in time feeling like you traveled back hundreds of years. I felt like a little kid. I brought my Moo Cow rug to show her what I have been doing.
                             Dee's old fence is in front of her new fence leaving some old character
                                    Dee carved the crosses against the fence

Dee my wonderful wood carver friend gifted me with a wooden carved heart for Megan and one for me.I love it!

Braided rug Michele gave me I love it!

I have about four days til I am off to sock camp. I can’t believe I have so much to do. First I have homework and I am trying to make sure I have warm clothes. I am getting all my knitting supplies rounded up. I feel so scattered lately trying to get stuff done. I’ll post one last post before I leave of rug hooking group last Tuesday before I leave on Tuesday.

                                                 I love this yarn it's Socks that Rocks merino

                                                             My first sock I knit the cuff and
                                                        some how I went inside out for
                                                        the leg! Lol! I hope to get to the heel flap next,