Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Morning

It’s Monday and a new week

Yesterday was a sweet day. I went out to lunch with my daughter and her family. Baby Jack slept through lunch. It was a fun day and Megan gave me two wonderful books she had made for me on pictures they have been taking of the baby. I value family moments and it was nice to see my daughter and her hubby so happy with the baby. This week I have wool crazy class and I am still working on my floors and painting them. One of the ladies gave me a cute pig made from an old quilt. I love it!
 Maulie is wondering what's in the bucket?

Baby Jack at 3 months

Monday morning a table full of every day life

I was given a whole bunch of pomegranates that I am going to use for dyeing sometime. Well I am off to do my chores have a nice day. Here is some recent  photo's of baby Jack yes I am that annoying person with pictures of their grandbaby.

O.k I found a picture of me that I half way like. Look at the way he is staring at me. Megan says Baby Jack doesn't know what to think of me.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

African American Quilt exhibit at the Mingei in San Diego

       To all my blogger friends who might be near Hurricane Irene here is a Quilt show for you...

San Diego Art Museum last time I went to this museum
it was for the Grandma Moses exhibit.

 Mingei Museum is on the left

The Mingei

 My trip to the Mingei International museum was a great idea for a hot day. Linda and I went to this interesting exhibit which featured African American Quilts from the south. Because I couldn’t use a flash the quilts don’t show up as pretty as they are in real life. Balboa Park in San Diego is a destination for a variety of Museums.  San Diego Zoo is also near Balboa park which is a fantastic Zoo to visit . When I was a child you could go to the zoo for free. I can remember many a Sunday with my four brothers playing at the Zoo all day!  Linda and I walked around Balboa park enjoyed the sites shared a turkey sandwich and had a relaxing day.

 Blue Jeans were used in this quilt

 Some of the African American Quilts seemed heavy hanging up on display. Looking at the free spirit of the quilts makes me realize how well these folk art quilts can last. . Quilters used what they had and created pieces of Art. The docents were friendly and eager to answer questions.
There was even a quilt made by a quilter who made quilts for the Color Purple.


Friday, August 26, 2011

Michele's Rug hooking,Renee Plains Dolls and a sewing pin keep

                                              Our Tuesday Rug Hooking group

 Michele's Hooked Rugs

 Michele's  Angel

Renee Plains Dolls made by Michele and Jan 

 Janice made this cute pin keep
 I am out the door to see some folk art Quilts. It should be interesting. Here are some pictures from Tuesdays Rug Hooking group. We had a lot of show and tell. As you can tell we make all sorts of things. Renee Plains came to the Country Loft last Saturday and she had a doll class that Jan and Michele enjoyed. Those Two rugs are Michele's.The house was a rug Michele made for Renee Plains last book. Michele is making another one for Renee's next book.There are more pics later .......                            

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dog days of Summer and a busy week of fun!

  Jax the Wonder Dog is having a hot week in California 

 I have been a busy girl Monday I ran away to Julian with a girlfriend .Julian is a small town about a hour away in the mountains. It’s a favorite tourist spot. In the fall they have apple days and they're known for great apple pies.


 Cuyamaca Lake
 We were lucky to see wild turkeys
while driving along the road.

Tuesday I went to my twice a month group of rug hookers. There is hooking done but also ladies are working on other projects. . Everybody has been busy this month. I sit next to Janice and her appliqué quilt is going to be beautiful when it’s done. I didn’t have my camera but Michele took pictures for me so I’ll get the pics in a couple of days. Saturday is class signups at Country Loft and I signed up early for a once a month class. The quilt is called Hobo Quilts. I love folk art and this quilt is a series of blocks from the quilt book of the same name .It looks like a neat quilt to make.  
I am looking forward to Friday and a trip to Balboa Park. The Mingei International museum is having an exhibit of African American folk art quilts. There are 50 quilts on exhibit from the 1910- 1970. These quilts were made in the south by African American women who used what they had old jeans, flour sack and work clothes. This exhibit should be interesting .

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Moving a Lathe oh and a hooked Chicken!

Birdhouse pole
 Antiques are so wonderful but the beauty of wooden antiques from the early times can be duplicated with this wonderful machine. A couple years ago my girlfriends and I went to this studio up in the mountains where this man had wooden spoons he sold . They were beautiful works of art.  This mountain man had a great shop full of sawdust and machinery it was so interesting. But the best thing was he had a lathe a machine that turns wood . This thing is a monster made for a high school woodshop class but still functional. Lathes make bowls, turn spindles for legs, make bobbins for bobbin lace.   Lathes  make a simple long piece of wood into a great wooden pole for birdhouses.
Can you tell I love what this lathe and hubby create. Hubby lathes pens and sometimes I have to go out to the garage and get him to come in. Even my daughter lathes pens with her Dad.

That is an interesting thing that moved that super
heavy lathe. 

 Look at my poor Maulie!!!
 As much as I love working with my hands Hubby likes working with wood. So it was a no brainier that hubby bought this old lathe. Well I have learned to appreciate wood and appreciate the thought that goes into a piece of wood you want to turn. When you see those old bowls in antique stores you realize how big a piece of wood is needed to turn that wood into a bowl. It’s amazing! So this weekend was the final push to get everything  to our old house in Crest. Jacks big lathe was being moved.Last time he had three men helping him.He was doing it himself this time.I wonder why I am getting some gray! My typical husband never never asks for help. So when He was at the part where he was moving it off the truck I was somewhere else. Little did I know My Maulie was helping with the move.

Well it's in the garage. We have been using the garage as a storing place while we decide what to do with everything but Hubby needs the garage ready for wood working again. So I think were going to either have a garage sale or go to the swap meet in a couple weeks.
                                   Chicken hooked rug                         

                             Old garage and a old lathe priceless.

Friday, August 19, 2011

New rude neighbors or Squirrel stories in California

There is nothing worse then getting new neighbors that show no consideration for your property. They stare at your yard. They run out in front of your car when your driving and they clearly take over your neighborhood like they have lived there all their lives.

When I briefly lived in Wyoming I recall seeing the biggest squirrels I had ever seen. They were beautiful larger then our cat. Oscar Padilla would run from room to room watching them as they raced outside the windows. I thought they were so cute. Those squirrels had the bushiest tails and would run up the pine trees next to our home. They were a treat!

California ground squirrels aren’t quite the same. These squirrels are making their homes in my neighbors rock fence. Remember when I saw one squirrel well they have infiltrated the neighborhood and park. They stand on the fence and hop along the fence checking out my yard and staring at Maulie and me. Now when I back up out of my driveway I have at least four squirrels run across the road in front of my dirt road. Then when I get on the pavement driving down the road they are running across the pavement in front of me!. If they could stick out their squirrels paws at me they would give me a wave goodbye.

I have noticed these holes that remind me of small crop circles in my front yard garden and something nibbled at my pumpkin I was trying to grow. This is War!

I feel like my garden is going to be infiltrated by just the pure numbers of these critters. I haven’t heard coyotes in a while so maybe that’s why they seem to be multiplying. Even Morris is up all night checking them out. Morris has been staying next door all day and eats briefly and off he goes to check out our newest neighbors. All Morris needs is a bag of popcorn to nibble on as he watches them play in the street!

The only good thing is at least they're not skunks.

Yes they are a little cute……
Thanks to a fine Farm house for the black and white graphics.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I found the Christmas stockings

O.k I admit it I am sick of summer.I wish it was cooler and fall! There is nothing worse then trying to get in the mood to hook a rug and feeling like it’s too hot to hook.
 In a post a month ago I talked about a Christmas stockings I was going to make for Baby Jack well I was ready to go when I needed to look at the original stockings. I was trying to keep the same theme on the stockings going so I needed to see how my mother in law had arranged the trains and names on each individual stocking. Well I had bought the felt I had the pattern but with all the moving back to Crest I couldn’t find them. I have tore apart the house looking for them. I have looked in closets, drawers under the bed and in a hope chest no such luck. Well today I finally found them in the spot I usually put them in every year .I must have looked in the wash stand a dozen times.I didn't see them because I had not put them in a plastic container which I do every year after Christmas .
 So It’s August and I have to start right away. It's my Christmas on a hot hot August day!    Hopefully my Christmas Stocking will turn out as nice as the family stockings my mother in Law made for everyone.

 Notice the train theme

                                  Baby Jack,  I want a Christmas stocking!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Wooden Flax combs

It’s Saturday night and I can’t sleep.

Saturday night I am up late wide awake brain on overdrive tired not in my vocabulary unable to sleep. That sums it up! It’s useless to try to sleep so I am having my own slumber party tonight. Hubby is sleeping like a bear and Maulie and I are redecorating my small primitive decor. I was looking through old Early American Life magazines and looking for ideas for Hubby to make me something.As I watch a show on Loretta Lynns house that's haunted I have to change the channel too spooky.Now I am watching Sweet Home Alabama more conducive to be able to sleep I think.
 This was the first Flax comb
I thought it was too primitive.
 A while ago I had seen a wooden flax comb in
As time goes by magazine. I asked hubby to please make me one of these cute flax combs.
This morning he reminded me of the second one he had made that was sitting in one of my baskets.

 Star Flax comb

 I have been busy painting my floors blue. Hubby went to work and when he came home I had started painting around the furniture. The furniture I could move was in a different spot all crowded together with pottery and baskets . Jack doesn’t know what to think of me at times. As he looked at the mess he said when did you get so spontaneous ? We have been married for over 33 years and so I said to the less then happy hubby “don’t you remember when you came home from work and my Dad and I were putting up a patio.  Or when you came home from work and I had used carpet cutters and cut the carpet around the furniture. I have always been like this!”

I get a idea and then take cover. Normally he would jump in to help. I am not the best painter but he is stepping back and seeing how big a hole I have dug. Good news I am finally yawning.

Friday, August 12, 2011

To Protect and Serve

Sometimes you can’t do a post about a rug or a quilt but sometimes it’s about a sacrifice of a young policeman.

To Protect and Serve was Jeremy Henwood.a Hero to the citizens of San Diego.

Jeremy Henwood served with Honor and commitment to our city. This is a somber day in San Diego losing a great young officer that was lost too soon.

  San Diego is a large city with  lots of wonderful places to enjoy is  protected by a police force that is laying to rest a young officer today.I live in the outskirts of San diego and enjoy a rural lifestyle but can be in the middle of the city of San Diego in 40 minutes. Last week a senseless killing of this young officer has been all over the news and you wonder how there can be such good and evil in this world. Last night the honor guard arrived with the Flag that was flown at ground zero on 911. This flag is only used about 125 times a year and as it arrived through Lindbergh field airport with the officers along side the flag with arms saluting it as it went by. The bagpipes and officers showing such respect through the airport was amazing to see. Just watching the television coverage of this flag arriving brought tears to my eyes.

There will be hundreds of police today going to his funeral and the news is covering the actual service today.

Last Saturday there was a shooting at a In and Out burger restaurant in El Cajon .When Hubby and I want a  burger In and Out is where we go. It was a busy Saturday a man drove up and just shot a man then drove miles away to mid city San Diego The shooter did not even know the man he shot. This young troubled man was driving at a high rate of speed so the police had to stop the pursuit because of the danger to others. Well within the hour  the shooter was in City heights a very diverse city and mid city in San Diego. This young man flashed his car lights at the young officer Henwood which made the officer bring his car to the side of his car.  The criminal shot the officer twice and killed him for no reason. Young Officer Henwood had just returned from Afghanistan where he was a marine reservist in the military. He was a captain in the reserves and proud to bring all his men back from the war. Jeremy Henwood had survived three stints in combat and then returned to serve the public. I don’t know this young officer but the sacrifice of this young life makes my heart ache for his family. Last night in city heights his mother who is a doctor arrived to a vigil for him and spoke. His mothers words were brave and touching and with humor. She spoke that her son was not always an angel but she is sure he is now. Officer Henwood mom has been touched by the outpouring of the community for her son and today will be a hard day for his parents and siblings.

Last night a young black child was interviewed by a news station. He was the last person to speak to Officer Jeremy Henwood at Mcdonald’s.

A little boy came up to the officer and asked for a dime at the Mcdonald’s the officer asked what was it for? and the little boy said cookies. Officer Henwood shared the cookies with the child and asked this little boy what did he want to be  when he grew up?  The little boy said an NBA basketball player. That was last act of kindness this young officer did. This young man's Life was of service to his country and also service to protect San Diego a city he loved. His last act of service was donating his organs to others. As his brother spoke with tears he spoke of his brothers love for the city of San Diego and the police force and

fellow officers.So today I ask you to say a special prayer To Jeremy and the people who protect us every day and the hero’s that are out there for you and me. Cheri

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Oy Vey rug hooking

Well it’s complicated Thursday I have been realizing I can be the most disorganized person at times. I am like a feather any time the winds blow I go off in a different direction so between having my oatmeal, watching an old Miss Marple movie and sewing around my chicken rug well I need to center myself and get something done!

I was proud of myself I got two boxes to give to Amvets today . I have a coffee pot of coffee and tea dyeing some white fabric and

I went yesterday and bought the fall Primitive quilts and Projects magazine which has great patterns in it . I loved the Cheri pattern for fall. So as you see I have so many things I want to do its frustrating at times. How do you turn your mind off so many things you want to make? Am I the only rug hooker quilter that feels so frustrated at all the wonderful projects that they see and want to do but every day Life gets in the way. It sometimes seems that my love for projects gets crazy at times. Did I tell you I was painting my floors. Oy Vey!

Monday, August 8, 2011

The results are in for my cochineal dyeing

This is what I started with 
Cochineal dyeing

The dyeing process went smoothly. I used a coffee filter at first to keep the bugs out of the wool. Later I switched and put the cochineal in an old sifter so all the bug bodies didn’t go all over the wool.

You clearly need more bug bodies to get a deeper color but for what I collected I was satisfied! I simmered it for about 20 minutes and then stuck the bucket outside to hopefully absorb more dye.To get a more scarlet color you use a Tin mordant. 
                                                               My results