Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jax the Wonder Dog is deep in thoughts of Camping and his little Vest!

                                Jax and his friend Racoon

Camping vests
keep short haired dogs warm during cold
winter  Days.
  My Cousins dog Jax just loves to pose. Recently my husband and I were discussing Maulie my Shitzu's modeling abilities and Jack told me how he thought that Jax the Wonder dog looks better in outfits then Maulie because Maulie B is basically a head and a ball. Jax the Wonder dog has a long nose and a good neck where as poor Maulie is a plus size gal! O.K that hurt! Maulie can't help that Shitzu don't have much of a nose and hey not everyone has a long neck. Short necks are useful in some cases. Short necks come in handy when knitting a Dog scarf. Jax is a very smart dog  who  knows a ton of tricks because my cousin spends  quality time training him. I am amazed on how smart your dog can be if you take him  to dog obedience classes.
Maulie B best trick is laying on her back and getting belly rubs.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

What are your favorite Memories of Thanksgiving?

I think mine are the happy times in the kitchen carving up

the turkey and picking at the marshmallows on top of the yams. The sound of my mothers voice telling us to leave the food alone. My father with his usual stories at the dinner table and his sage advise to us all. My dad was quite the character!My brother Steve always wanting no celery in the macaroni salad. I think it was just the normal banter of family that overall is the happy memory! The sounds throughout the house of noisy brothers.

Tomorrow I am off to my daughter and son in law home for a Happy Day of family.
My dog Maulie is traveling with us.Maulie is quite the car fly. It will be a nice day of turkey and stories with me continuing where my dad left off and Steve sadly also isn’t around for the macaroni salad but he is with us in spirit.

Thanksgiving and holidays change as we grow older but the memories are always there at these special times of the year to remind us how lucky we were to have our loved ones in our lives and to appreciate the family we still have.

Hopefully Maulie will behave with Megan’s dogs and not be a Diva !

As for Turkeys I once plucked a wild turkey and prepared it for Dinner with a girlfriend. What an experience . That was the best Turkey it tasted nutty. I even had the Turkey feathers in a enamel pot in the garage for years! So hug your family eat your turkey and be blessed with all that you have.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Rainy Saturday


                      To Grandmothers house we go,
            I am having a nice cozy day with my family of pets and a hubby watching Nascar. I am working on 12 days of Christmas which I had better hurry up with since it's getting closer to the beginning of the Christmas Season. Morris was missing this morning. He was a stray we adopted and he refuses to stay inside. Even though he is fixed he is a Roamer. That's why  we nick name him Morry Roamer. It was raining and a million things went through my mind. He finally show'd up wet and not that hungry so I think he is definitely eating somewhere else. Here is what I finished last year To Grandmother's house we go. It is a Cheri Payne pattern.

                 My Rug Hooking in progress!

                Maulie is a tired girl that needs a bath before Thanksgiving
                Taking a snooze and a big yawn! I stuck this old blanket on the floor for her so she could enjoy the space heater.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The J Paul Getty Museum views of Los Angeles with a Happy Anniversary Gift of a Pen!

              So this last Sunday my husband and I celebrated our 35th   Wedding Anniversary. One of the things on our bucket list
  was to visit the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. We woke up early  and drove up to L.A. It took a couple hours to drive to Los Angeles but it was well worth it. We were lucky the traffic wasn't too bad. This is a wonderful Art Museum full of
great artists.Monet,Degas and Rembrandt were my favorite artists at the Getty. You take a tram to the top of a hill and have a great view of L.A. It was a breezy Santa Ana and we were lucky to get some good pictures looking out at L.A. I didn't take any pictures of their many paintings because no camera's that use a flash are allowed.  Look on their web site at some of the artist and the wonderful buildings that house their collection. http://www.getty.edu/

                                               The middle of L.A.
                              is in the left side of
                              the picture. This is a really
                              clear picture. L.A. is usually 
                              filled with more smog. Santa
                              Ana winds cleared up the sky.
                              I wish I had taken more pictures
                              but I was busy looking at paintings.         


 This is a picture of walking thru the door of the Getty .There were a few people looking about not knowing which way to go. A good idea a volunteer suggested is to watch The Getty’s orientation film. My husband and I listened to the orientation movie about the different buildings that house the paintings and other forms of Art which took about 10 minutes. Then we were off to look at the Masterpieces! The Tapestries, Stained glass , Sculptures were beautiful!. Most people were using their cell phones to take pictures.

My husband Jack’s hobby is woodworking which he does really well! I am so lucky to have a husband that works with his hands. I would rather have a hand made item them a store bought gift any day of the week. I was really touched with his gift

Of a lathed pen with a sunflower design. It took little pieces of wood to make this pen. I really do appreciate my gift. Maybe another woman would want a piece of  jewelry but for me give me a piece of wood Art!

                                                                                                                          Little Bee 

                   The End!                                                                                                                             



Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Crazy Quilts are Crazy for Wool too!


                                           Creating your story in Quilts

                                               Crazy Quilts come in all shapes and sizes!

I have been taking a class called Wool Crazy with Jo Ann Mullaly who just finished her second book  called Crazy at Home. The Wool Crazy Quilt has been so much fun and I have really made it my own. Jo Ann has wonderful designs and yet here and there I added my own personal touch. I put an Elephant in the corner that reminded me of my brother . I added a little red truck that reminded me of my Dad driving to Julian. The purple pig reminds me of my neighbors kids 4 h project of raising a pig for the Del Mar fair. Crazy quilts have been done in cotton, silks, polyester, wool, numerous fibers. I liked the simple use of my left over wool from my rug hooking.   I have a long way to learning all my stitches but I am happy to plug along on this project. There are four parts to this quilt . I am not following the pattern exactly but basically moving things around and Jo Ann watches all of us add our personal touches to her pattern. That’s what my Crazy Quilt is  Crazy slices of my life.


I really need to learn more stitches but I have been so busy putting on my wool appliqué of animals and houses. The Quilt is far from done but I wanted you to see how it's progressing so when the day  arrives when it's finished you’ll be surprised how it turned out. My Purple Pig needs a tail.



       More close ups of my Crazy Quilt in progress

      Jo Ann Mullaly was  busy teaching her many doll,  Wool crazy classes at Country Loft . Once a month I attended one of her many classes. Jo Ann would give us a copy of  the newest part to our  Crazy Quilt. Eventually she told her classes she was making it into a book. So Wool Crazy was published and her second book just got published recently. If you look at the  Wool  Crazy book you will see how I really went on my own little path of Crazy Quilting.   That's what life is starting out with everybody and then taking your own twists and turns. This is a link to Jo Anns blog. You can see how different  my Crazy Quilt is to the original that is wonderful.   http://woolcrazy-jam.blogspot.com/

                              Linda and her Crazy Quilt
             Linda has done a great job with her stitches!
              I told Linda about this class called Wool Crazy
                        and told her how much fun I was having.
                        Linda explained that she was kind of allergic
                        to wool and would like to join but she wanted
                       to do it in cotton. I was surprised and just said
                       the class is called Wool Crazy!! So as I talked
                       to Jo Ann one day, that Linda would like to
                       take the class but do it in cotton Jo Ann
                       laughed and said there are several people in class
                       who are using cotton. Boy  it's amazing how much
                        we can be oblivious to what's across the table.

Linda has been doing her quilt for a short time but her stitches her appliqué and her Crazy Quilt says volumes about her Crazy Quilt Life.


                             Linda's Crazy Quilt in progress
                                          I love the Birds!
                                                          Wheeler and Lucille


                                       This is just a sample of Linda's CrazY qUILT
                         more pictures to come when she finishes it.



                         Alice and her Crazy Quilt

                             My mother in law will be turning 94 first of the year.

                           Alice was a very busy person and her Crazy quilt is
                           an example of using what fabric she had. I think this
                          is from the 1970 time of quilting.



 I was happy to see these Iris bloom for the first time!

the end


Friday, November 5, 2010

Summers Past Farms and a beautiful November Day

           Summers Past Farms and a hot November Day!     

                                                      Art is everywhere in a garden!

Well I woke up on Friday and realized I had not posted anything this week. It’s been so much fun talking about places and things I am doing that I was sad that I had nothing to show for the week. So I called up my girlfriend Linda and said “Do you want to meet at Summers Past Farms for some iced tea? Meet you at 12! I made sure Maulie had water and left Morris my big Orange cat as a babysitter with Maulie and off I went.

Summers Past Farms is a great place to visit and have iced tea and coffee and shop.
 I love it !!!

Marshall and Sheryl Lozier and their family have built a great place to relax, pick up some
garden plants at any time of the year. Sometimes you need a quick relaxing place to go,
on a hot day in Flynn Springs this was for me. They have numerous classes at Summers Past Farms
from making a Fairy Garden to making a bar of Soap.They  were even in Country living
magazine one year! It’s a family run Nursery,Country shop, Soap shop. I had bought someTithonia seeds last year and I had great big bush of Orange Flowers. I felt like Martha Stewart.Well maybe not quite like Martha but growing seeds is harder then it looks.
I usually over kill them with kindness or forget I planted them.
I bought some Tithonia seeds and Linda and I browsed around the gardens.
There were a group of little toddlers out in their grass field. Marshall explained to me
a group of parents met on line and all arrived for a play date at summers Past Farm.
It was so cute seeing the little kids playing and the parents having a good time.
It was  relaxing little break in the day .There is host of fun events to participate in
The different seasons of the year. When I looked up at their building I could see
they were starting to put their Christmas lights up.It's hard to believe were in
November when it is still like summer.


 This is a log from one of the fires we had
  San Diego County . I love that Marshall
a piece of a tree burned up
 in the fires in the Laguna Mountains.
 What a great entrance to the home.

                                              Here is a peek!

This is the nursery part of Summers Past Farms

 Water on a hot day in November.

 Climbing Roses


Well I hoped you enjoyed looking at a soothing garden and
if your ever in Flynn Springs check their Farm out.Here is a link

The end. 

                                 Next weeks theme Crazy Quilts