Monday, August 3, 2015

Primitive rug hooking on a hot August day

                                                                I love this sign at the Country Loft

Am I crazy or what I have been rug hooking on this hot day just to finish a little bit more of my three cat rug. I saw all these antique three cat rugs patterns and decided to go in a little different direction. Usually it's three black cats but I just felt inspired to use what I liked. Sometimes your wool's dictate how the rug will turn out. At first it was a mess as I scribbled flowers hearts and words not sure where I was going with it . Now I like it so I am plugging away.I have made it my own.

                             Here are some pictures of whats been going on with the gals.

Michele finished her beautiful cross stitch



Log cabin 

Janice adding a bear

Pam's rug hooking

Country Loft

Three Meows still working away on it

                                                               The hawk is back

                                                    A purple black and blue cat oh my!            

Thursday, July 23, 2015

A beautiful hawk and a little rug hooking

He is sitting on a bird house Jack made
Be sure and click the picture for a slide show

 It's the middle of the night and I am wide awake and still I can't sleep.
 The weather has been so humid and hot so I thought I might write a quick post of my day. 
Today I saw this beautiful hawk emitting a loud cry over and over. I was able to take some pictures of it. Maybe somebody who is a birder can tell me if it is a Broad wing hawk or a Red tail hawk?

 I love seeing wildlife and it may be a simple hawk but I sure enjoyed watching him.Last night a raccoon got into our trash what a mess! Someone has a sheep near by I can hear it when the windows are open at night.Can you tell that in San Diego county were having a humid summer.Too hot to sleep!

                                                       The hawk was calling out over and over

                                                                      The hawk took off

                                                          One of the ladies finished her rug

                                                                I thought she did a great job

                                                         I like this rug another hooker is making


                                                Well I am finally tired! hugs cheri



Thursday, July 16, 2015

Mingei International Museum Black doll exhibit was wonderful!


It's one hot day in Crest. I have the air conditioning going on high and I am still sweating. I just noticed as I am sitting here a lady and a child walking their horse in front of my home.It seems odd since it's so hot a day usually people ride early morning or late afternoon. Morris my big orange cat is laying on the big brown easy chair taking a snooze and Maulie my little shitzu is laying on the kitchen tile taking in the cold tile on her chunky little belly.
So what better idea then blog about a wonderful day I had.  Now on to my memory of a wonderful  exhibit at the Mingei Museum in Balboa Park!

                                                             Balboa Park
The Mingei is an International Museum dealing with craft and folk art in San Diego California .For a short couple of months they had a wonderful exhibit on antique black dolls.
A collector from back east had generously allowed the museum to display just a small part of her black doll collection. My girlfriend and I went a couple days before it left San Diego and I am so truly glad I went.

 I have loved Amish dolls, plain faceless dolls,china dolls and of course black doll! I love folk art and here is a snippet of what my girlfriend Linda and I saw that day.

I have to say the picture quality is not good. The exhibit was lit with soft lighting to protect the dolls. No flash was allowed it was strictly enforced.The dolls were behind some kind of hard plastic everything reflected when I would try to take a picture. You can't see the details of the buttons for eyes or the embroidery on the faces.I did the best I could with my camera.
 I am tempted to buy the book.

                                                       The second story of the Mingei had quilts and folk Art

I sure wish my blogger friends could have seen how wonderful the exhibit was! 
Some dolls were only in their undergarments . The collector felt if the doll had the wrong era clothing on she tossed it.
 Also I learned black dolls were made for business to display outfits and also made for play. Some of these dolls were made before the sewing machine.
I could see this as a hooked rug!

I liked the embroidery

doll house


 I Hope you enjoyed the exhibit!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A new crop of Wool Crazy quilts and lightening

Yesterday I thought I was in the Midwest! I had noticed the sky becoming darker and the clouds stacking up filling with something I once recalled before the California drought.
Could it be that elusive weather phenomenon called Rain!
                                                 Talented classmates and their Crazy quilts

So I picked up the phone dialed Dee. Since I am up Crest and she is in La Mesa it would hit me first Well it came in like a Midwest spring storm on a rampage and ended as quickly.

 One minute I was talking to Dee about I think were getting rain to hanging up and having to try to close the skylight in the kitchen. Since by that time there was rain in the kitchen I couldn't get the dumb latch to close because the metal was so slippery. Then I noticed that the rain was all over the front of the kitchen because I had not closed the door and so all the rain was going thru the screen door.

Well now comes the silly part I was watching this crazy strong lightening and for some reason I wanted Dee to hear it. Since Crest is on top of a hill it seemed so near. I had secured the skylight I would then walk to the screen door so Dee could hear how strong the rain was coming down.

                                      This is the quilt by JoAnn Mullaly that started it all

 It's been a while since we have had lightening and it is usually at least 10 miles away by the flash.I could see the flash and the storm seemed to be coming right thru little Crest.So one minute I am chatting with Dee telling her how hard the rain is coming down and excitedly holding the phone away from me so she can hear when Kaboom!
                                                                 Every ones quilts are unique

As I was telling Dee to listen there was this huge lightening bolt I saw the flash and three seconds later the most explosive sound I have ever heard.
I put the phone to my head to tell Dee wasn't that the loudest thing you have ever heard?
Dee ! Dee! no Dee the phone was dead the electricity was out and no Internet.

In San Diego county our weather is milk toast compared to other places in the United States so it must seem silly when other states get spring showers every afternoon.So here I was with no phone service and a humid house heating up with no air conditioner going and not knowing if Dee heard the huge lightening strike.

 The electricity  stayed off til almost six and I was pretty hot all day.  Hubby came home I couldn't make dinner no electricity.He was a little annoyed hunger does it to a guy. I guess after feeding him some celery sticks and peanut butter I remembered Tuna sandwiches.As we sat there munching on celery sticks and now our unimpressive tuna sandwiches.
I told hubby how I wonder what the news is saying. Well why didn't I turn
 on the radio he asked.I forgot we had gotten new batteries.
Then he asked why didn't I phone him?

 The cell phone is not working the Internet is down I explained.
You have to understand I just use my phone for emergency when I am driving somewhere in case I break down.(I worked for Pacific bell in my twenty's which cured me of wanting people to track me all day on the phone)
So I barely know how it works well I gave it to him and he turned it on.

Feeling pretty silly I just looked at him and informed him I think I  could be sitting with a bowl of food in front of me and starve to death.

Friday, June 26, 2015

This new day is full of quilts primitive rug hooking and still lots to do!

                                                                    Antiques at the Country loft

Sitting here typing at my computer the heat of the day has not yet started . I still have the old windows open and can hear the neighborhood peacock making a soulful sound.A big mean blackbird is being attacked by a flock of small bird guarding their nest. Maulie is next to our long white fence barking as a man in a golf cart takes his big Rottweiler on a walk.I notice as the big dog trails behind him on a gentle pace with the golf cart.My cup of tea is steaming next to me and so begins my day.
                                                                 Thrift store find of Michele

Yesterday I  was on the outside of my yard weeding away and raking when I saw a  neighbor I hadn't seen for quite a while.She use to take a walk every day past my home.She lost her darling home when it  burned down in the Cedar fire and they had to rebuilt it. I remember after the Cedar fire the sounds of construction for years as people slowly rebuilt. Since her home is right across the park from me when I saw her the memory of her home all charred up came across my mind. Her home looks similar but so different.This time of year I can't help but think of wildfires as the temperature goes up. The Cedar fire was the largest fire in California history.Once you have been evacuated from your home it changes you.
 Her home used to be covered all in wood shake shingles

Before the Cedar fire I could never see any of these homes .
 There was a grove of
 huge Eucalyptus trees 
Everybody that lost their home built big.
The house to the left also burned down
and was rebuilt.

 We were chatting away about local issues such as whose moving off the hill when she  mentioned she saw a cute little dog coming toward us. Well that bad little Maulie had pushed open the gate and she came up to us and jumped into the golf cart next to the two of them. So much for loyalty! Her toddler grandson was with her and he mentioned that Maulie needs a golf cart. Lol!
Thursday I spent the day transplanting a small Meyer lemon bush that just was not happy where I planted it before.Hopefully in  the new spot it might do better I also struggled with getting a plant that was going crazy devouring my other plants.I am convinced I have to use gopher cages from now on.
                                                                   This would be cute to make

Next week is the 4th of July and everyone gets ready to be in the parade down at our park. There will be at least one fire truck some horses little kids on bikes vintage cars and a grand Marshall of course.There could be anything one year there was a hippie in a outhouse.

I love the parade you get your American flag ready as you collect your lounge chair.You sit and wait til the parade starts and then its waving your little flag and silly smiles as the parade begins.The best kind of parade is walking up the dirt road and your there. Little Jack is so excited about it he is still talking about the parade from last year and he was only three.

One of the things that any child would like is the participants throw out candy to the bystanders as you sit in your chair.It does make an impact! There is the occasional squirt gun attack while your sitting there which is funny.The firemen are quietly waving at you and if your lucky and go to the Park after the parade the firemen hand out firemen helmets to little kids.

The parade in Crest is such a highlight of  this small community. It is the essence of a small town and can you tell I love it.

                                                               Donna and her wonderful work

OK so here are the pictures of what the gals brought to share and what the gals have been doing as we
meet every two weeks for Rug hooking.

                                                         Janice working on a log cabin

 Another Michele find

Kathy is almost done with this brown quilt

 Michele found this quilt at a thrift stores

These dolls were made for Jan when she was a little girl

                                                              Hugs to you all have a happy weekend!