Monday, February 8, 2016

Cheri Payne Class



                                            Saturday was a relaxing day of working away
                                                   on our little Love Bowl Fillers

                                         Cheri doesn't teach classes very often because she's so busy
                                          so this was a delight. Enjoy the pics of what the ladies worked on

                                            I caught a lady from the first class as she left



                                                                        Teaching away

                                                    Susie jumped in to show a stitch



                                               I loved this pin cushion but it was not needed
                                               No freezer paper!


                                               One lady got three fronts of the pillows done


                                               I am painting these metal bed rails yellow

                                                   Oh I also have lost followers so just a reminder
                                                  you have to sign up with google to follow my blog.
                                                 Then sign up again on my blog.I know it's a pain.Sorry

                                              I am off to work in my garden it's a beautiful day!
                                                                        hugs Cheri

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Every Day Life and thinking positive no matter what

With the help of Georgia her sister in law in Pennsylvania
Janet has the face on her cat!!

Darling quilt by Pam

Well I spent a couple days with my daughters family last week. Megan and little Jack were both sick but now this week it's worse Megan's cough has developed into Bronchitis.

I am thankful she got in to see the doctor to get medication and hopefully she will be feeling better soon.
Hubby is at the dentist this afternoon and coming home hopefully with his tooth feeling better.I am again thankful.

Between Rug hooking last week being at Megan's and a quick trip to a nursery in North County I was busy gal.  Then there was a horrible storm.
                                                      Janice working away on her stocking

Jan knitted her sweater

 I was impressed

We had a severe thunderstorm a couple days ago it was crazy. A young lady was killed by a tree which hit her car while she was driving and some reporters were hurt by a falling tree.San Diego county never gets winter winds like we have been having lately. Blame it on the El Nino .

I am looking at my garden today with all the yard mess of the high winds of a couple nights ago.I am blessed. I  went around my yard picking up my broken yard umbrella. A broken patio table. One birdhouse was destroyed and some were off their wooden stands.Two slats in our front fence got broken so hubby has that to fix that but at least none of our trees fell.

I was so scared  a couple of nights ago! The wind was so loud and just continued to blow and blow heavy gusts thru the trees. I finally got up and told hubby I was going to sleep on the easy chair in the front room.It was every man for himself I thought sheepishly.  The back bedroom is closest to the large Eucalyptus and they were blowing like they were going to come down. It did sound like a mini train. I put my ipad on and my earphones in my ears.I turned  on a Christian podcast station and blasted music til I fell asleep.This was way worse then a couple weeks ago.

I got the window hooked

Every day my life is so alive with one thing after another.I feel like I am constantly changing my hats. Being positive is hard when Life keeps throwing you hard balls but what is the alternative?
So because of my role models I see in my daily life I trudge ahead making the best of situations. Not having the answers to love ones who are in the middle of health struggles is heartbreaking but as I say to friends and family I am praying for you and hopefully it will get better soon.

Last night I was talking to my cousin on the phone and she was teasing me of how excited I get over common things most people take for granted but for some reason silly as it sounds It floats my boat.So I am going to list a couple of routine things that I am Thankful for dumb as it sounds.
Maybe you can think of common things in your life that make you happy and thankful for. First I love my I pad and I love that I can download books and audio books for free from the library.
 Second I like my new large garden trash can it is huge and closes up nicely. The wheels are great when moving it around my garden. I am happy that green apple ice plant might have a fungus and has been dying around Crest and in my yard.I am happy for my endless supply of wood which hubby has cut up so we don't use our heater. I am thankful for my Vermont Casting wood burning stove and how warm it keeps us.Lastly I sure loved my nails getting done at Christmas and how fancy I felt. Lol.

So there you are simple me when things get difficult and I am feeling a little sorry for myself for a quick second.I think there has got be be something I can be happy for. I will reach into my memory bank and say to myself  Is there anything to be Thankful for and there is always something to be happy about and off I go again.

     This afternoon I am making chicken soup and as I do my dishes I am listening to a audio book called A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson . It has really kept my attention as he describes the Appalachian trail.
He makes you feel like you can see the beautiful Smokey mountains and it gives you an appreciation of what it takes takes to take off and really get tested by nature.It's a humorous book at times.

I am taking a class by Cheri Payne on Saturday it should be fun.
I will take pictures.So enjoy the quick pictures of what the ladies are working on.

                                                 Last week Marjorie was doing nicu caps
                                                 This week it's chemo hats!

                                                             Michele is cross stitching away!!

                                                                            Pam quilt

                                                                    Karen made this sewing tote

                                             I went to a North county nursery and loved these
                                             planter boxes!
                                             I have to go the soups done! I am going to freeze some of it.

                                             I will be sure and take pics
                                             of Cheri Payne's class on Saturday.
                                                    hugs cheri


Thursday, January 21, 2016

Take a hike with me on a cloudy day in Crest

Well this was a busy weekend! Saturday Jack, Maulie and I went on a two mile hike that lasted for a couple of hours.I had no idea it would be so long. The thing to remember is if you go downhill you have to go uphill.I especially did not enjoy that! It was a cool day and I was happy to just gather my thoughts as we hiked on Saturday away from the T.V and the phone.It was such a wonderful quiet hike we didn't even hear birds til we were on our way back to Crest.

We only saw one hiker a woman all by her self. She is braver then me. It seemed like you were out in the middle of no where.Who knows who is out there. I would be worried about Coyotes and just falling and breaking a leg.My neighbor use to hike this area and she always saw Coyotes. We kept Maulie on her leash til we got close to home just in case we ran into a coyote.

 So with a walk down our dirt road and across a paved road we were on our way.Enjoy our hike and be glad you didn't have to go uphill!

 Just remember beauty can be in a lush forest a beautiful waterfall but in our neck of the woods it is in the solitude and sparse shapes of plants and mountains around us.
                                                        We started our hike

This is a prickly pear cactus that the dye cochineal comes from.
It is an insect that attaches to the cactus. 
You have to squish it to get a red pink color 

Maulie was ready

Up and around the mountain we go

 Were going around the triangle hill

There is a house at the top of those rocks

 It feels like were on top of the world

This was especially hard to walk down

 The orange Witches hair or Dodder is a parasitic plant that grows on other plants.
It produces a natural dye color of orange and yellow.
I have gathered it before and boiled it.
 My color turned more of a mellow yellow.

  Sycuan Casino in the distance of Dehesa


New sign

Habitat restoration area

Singing hill golf course the other side of the mountain

 Lake in the distance

I was exhausted and then we had to go uphill!

Mount Helix and la Mesa 

 Beautiful but scary when it's wildfire season which is year round

We were pooped!

Up the Mountain we go

Maulie stopped in protest


Were back to Crest I love that windmill

Back Home
Final leg of our hike

Maulie was happy to be home and so was I.
Saturday was just the beginning of a busy weekend.
We would go to Long beach for my mother in laws 99th Birthday 
and then a day at Knotts Berry Farm with the family.
I am so glad to be home and hooking away on my rug once again.
Hugs Cheri