Sunday, March 1, 2015

Dee's wonderful home and her little black dolls

There is a new exhibit at the Mingei International Museum in San Diego you have to experience it. If you love black dolls then you need to visit this exhibit which will be here for just a little while.

 Dee told me about the wonderful day she had with her daughters and how truly special a day it was seeing these dolls. At once I was caught up in her black doll enthusiasm. One of her daughters gifted  Dee with the black doll book from the exhibit. .Lucky me last week Dee invited me to see her new book I just had to see it!
 This book cannot  convey the personalities of these dolls you have to see them to understand their unique charm. I examined the dolls faces and hair in her book looking for ideas! You see I have several black dolls I need to finish sometime..

Black dolls to me evoke a feeling of using what you have available no matter how simple it is.
The love put into these dolls to me are such fine examples of American folk art. I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder There is the total simplicity of these dolls that shows a glimpse of another period of time.The black dolls are dated from 1850 to 1940.
So of course what do you when you go see a black doll exhibit you bring out yours.
Here are some pictures of my day at Dee's playing with her dolls.Some dolls Dee has made and some are store bought.

                                                                           Dee's home

                                                                   The boy doll is an antique

                                                                    Some of the dolls

                                             The book is filled with pictures of these examples
                                                   of folk art

                                                 I went home with a cookie and a brown bag

                                                                      Dee's heart

 I love crossing that bridge to see what Dee has made

                                                                    Emily the Cat is under the chair


                                                                   Palm trees in the distance                                                                          

                                             Put a fake pumpkin when you can't grow one yet

 Succulents in February

My rooster finally hooked

I couldn't end this post without an update on how I am doing. I am finally feeling better.
It has taken months for my body to feel like itself. The trip to Dee's was the first friend I had seen outside my family since I had major surgery. I guess my surgeon's estimates of recovery were right! I am thankful for all the kind and funny cards friends have sent. Thank you Janet for all the calls to check how I was doing I truly appreciated it.I know I have been a little bit of a gloomy cloud.  

 Dee inspired me to get out my own black dolls and I started to feel like hooking again.I finished my  rooster last night now on to binding and steaming.This operation has taught me so much about myself this hiccup in my life.
I have such empathy for people and their families with chronic illness that have to endure years of not feeling like
themselves. They are truly quiet heroes.Hugs cheri

Monday, January 19, 2015

New Beginnings

This past month of December was a myriad of emotions. I was trying to get all my projects done before Christmas. I had knit bags to sew and I still needed to shop for presents.I wanted to act normal no matter what. I went to rug hooking Christmas get togethers. I blogged like I always do but I had a secret hanging over my thoughts. I had gone in for a routine colonoscopy and they found something.It's kind of scary when you go in on a Friday for a routine test and on Monday the surgeon office is calling. Three days later they were scheduling surgery.First thing I had to do was the awful noisy Mri whirling in my head experience then more doctor visits was the trips to different doctors which was unsettling. I felt like the whole month it was getting more and more serious but maybe I was in denial I didn't feel sick or anything. I watched endless Christmas movies listened to Christmas music and yet It hung over my head all December like a giant question mark is it cancer or not? I can't believe how much that one small word Cancer shocks a persons soul.

 I told just a couple close friends because I just needed to act normal and I felt like if anyone asked me I would be in tears.I have the best of friends.I had plenty of homemade soup and a prayer quilt I was ready for surgery whether I liked it or not.I had plenty of prayers going out my way!The surgeon didn't know how long a surgery it would be. There were no Christmas cookies for me! I didn't want visitors I just wanted to get it over with and get back home.

So the day after Christmas I was in the hospital that ended up being a nine
hour surgery.The nurses at the Sharp Memorial were clearly all Angels in disguise. Everyone from the nurses aides to housekeeping  were so very kind  All I can say in that surgeons hands was expertise. I could not express how  extremely vulnerable you feel when you can barely take care of yourself.

 Never under estimate the power of a stranger holding your hand for a second in the middle of the long night with  those simple words God bless. Jack stayed every day and night and I was comforted so much by his help and his strength.and the plain kindness.  I have never seen so many iv's in my life! It was a scary and the last thing I wanted to hear was that awful word Cancer. Yes it was that word but early stages they caught it and it's out.

 Now I am back at home with Maulie and Morris by my side and so extremely happy to be home The surgeon said  it will take a couple months for my body to recover. I will have to be monitored for five years with trips every six months to the doctor. Right now it's one day at a time and maybe the end of the week I will try to work on
one of my unfinished hooked rug it just depends how I feel.Nothing interests me right now. I feel so blah and nauseous all the time.  I am not sure about my blog for now since I am not doing anything but recovering.I have holes all over my belly.It looks like I was machined gunned lol! I will check in on your blogs when I can.
Hugs to you all,cheri

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas is almost here!

                                                                 Donna's chicken table runner

I would like to say to all my blogger friends how much I have enjoyed blogging about my simple life in Crest. I have really enjoyed all the nice comments and good thoughts that all my blogger friends have shared with me over this past year. This is going to be my final blog of the year so I can get all my projects done before Christmas! I am trying to sew some small knit bags. I know this sounds crazy I like to quilt but I don't like sewing.There is something about sewing patterns I tend to over think what I am making.
This Christmas season I am behind as usual, I'll be back in January sharing what my friends have been up to.I hope you have a blessed Christmas and really appreciate what the Christmas season is really about. I just want to say I  am so blessed by the many friends I know who are truly wonderful people.Every day they show me examples of how to be truly good people and face adversity with a calm spirit.
 Hugs cheri



Punch needle by a friend of Stephanie

Excellent work

Stephanie of course 

The Country loft trees

I love this quilt pattern

Knitted by Janice

What a beautiful display at the Country loft so cozy

                                                                         Another quilt class


Morris and Maulie playing and
 wishing you a Merry Christmas 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Wet Disneyland and Mekenna my hooking partner

Mekenna helping me hook my Santa Claws rug

                                                  Ferris Wheel at California Adventure

This is the long line to the popular cars ride 

 Sunday hubby and I got up bright and early at six and drove up to Disneyland.

Beautiful car  

We met up with my daughters family and spent the day with little Jack . Then because
they were staying another day I was the designated dog sitter at their house.Lucky me!
I was dropped off at her home and hubby drove home to our house.


                                                This is Cadillac range at the cars ride
                                      It's made to look like the back fins of Cadillacs

                                                               This lady had a great voice

New Orleans square

                                                    Since I was going to be at Megan's for the day
                                       I brought my rug hooking.No interruptions except for