Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday in more ways then one


Sitting here staring at the screen I just don't even know where to start.I am so rusty at blogging!
Well for the last couple of months I have been living between two homes as my daughter slowly improves from a serious MS exasperation.

 I didn't know whether I would blog again. I loved blogging and the friends you meet but when your going thru a rough time you sometimes just don't have the time.I don't even know how to explain how hard it's been.Chronic illness whatever illness it is a challenge for your heart.
 I didn't feel like talking to anyone because by the time I got home on the weekends I needed to just try to veg out and not think about how things were going with my daughter. It is such a helpless feeling to not be able to relieve a loved ones pain.Sweet friend Dee would send me cards that she made and I appreciate her kind thoughts and prayers.

 But then this week I started to see some slight improvement in my daughter and I was ready to plug in again  with my other part of my life.  I met up with some of my really good friends and I caught up with their busy lives. Bev Janet and I stopped at the Country Loft and I bought some beautiful wool and well what can I say I had a silly smile on my face again.I have a pattern to hook that I like and I am going back to rug hooking group on Tuesday.
Today was my birthday and my friend Linda met me at Summers Past Farms which was treat.
 The gardens were so pretty. I felt inspired and  rejuvenated.

 I am still living between two homes but today was a  wonderful day. My hubby picked up the mail and there was a beautiful cross necklace from my Aunt Sophie and cousin Marlene and what can I say a perfect ending to a nice day. Hugs Cheri  

 I saw these sheep on the way to Linda's house

Monday, February 24, 2014

The best of plans and Linda's Butterflies

Well I had the best of plans go to Linda's garden identify her plants in order and was planning my week ahead when my daughter got seriously ill. I raced to stay with their son at Megan's home and her hubby took her to the hospital. She was there I am not sure how many days its been a blur and then she was transferred to a rehab hospital to begin the process of rebuilding her strength and walking. One step forward two steps back. This week while she was at the rehab hospital I have been trying to keep my mask of happiness  around little Jack. What do you say to a two and a half year when he asks continually where his Mommy is.A day ago little Jack was able to talk to her for the first time on the phone and asked if she got a splinter if that was why she was at the doctor.
So I am one praying lady just glad she is very slowly getting better she still is in a ton of pain. I am going to take a break from blogging since I will be having to stay at her home when she gets home til she is stronger. I must say they say God never gives you more then you can handle. I think that is one thought I am going to have to work out in my head.Hugs Cheri

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Rug hooking with red heart and Linda's native garden in February

What a fun day Monday and Tuesday were. Monday I worked on one of my socks at my wonderful knit class .I am knitting the heel and as usual turning the heel is confusing.I really think that if your a beginner knitter you have to buy the easiest patterns known to man.I can hardly wait when my knitting becomes easier.I feel like sometimes the light bulb in my head does not go off when I have a new knitting pattern. I can feel so dumb I read it over and over til finally there it is the light bulb goes off in my head! Knitting is a challenge but oh well I need a challenge.
Tuesday as I lay in bed it was a really cold day so I kept looking at the ceiling and pondering do I lay here snug in my warm cozy bed or get up and drive down the hill to rug hooking group in La Mesa. Since I had nothing ready to work on I had to really force myself to get going.Well I am glad I went to the Country Loft  it was as usual a learning experience.This group of ladies are always working on something new and I always get inspired.Marjorie made this great sheep using red heart yarn for the body. I love the way it turned out.
This is just a quick blog since I am running out tonight to a California native plant talk by Connie Beck.Unfortunately California is in a hundred year drought.We would have to have it rain every other day til May to get caught up with the rain we need in California.
 I am following the example of my good friend Linda who has a native plant garden I am not looking forward to our water bills getting worse as the drought continues. Lack of water in California is not going to be getting easier so the best thing to do is plant the plants that were in California before we started irrigating every thing.

My girlfriend Debbie is in Missouri and was teasing me today on the phone.I guess it's cold in Missouri eleven degrees! Debbie was wanting me to blog something so this is for you Deb. Debbie is trying to keep her pipes from freezing!
 Keep warm hugs Cheri

Good job Marjorie!

Red heart


                                                        What a cute bag!

                                          This is a purse Donna made.
                                           She got it back east at
                                            a rug hooker event

Linda's garden   

It was a cloudy day on Tuesday

 Have a good week 

Monday, January 27, 2014

This Moment

                                                       Jan made this isn't it beautiful!
                                                     Thanks Michele for taking the picture

The last three weeks has been emotionally hard my daughter started another round of a month of Iv infusions once a week and then the rest of the week she was ill. Little Jack is a handful so I was bouncing from my home to staying with them.The great thing is no more hour and a half drive!
They moved in the middle of that to be closer to her hubby's work and her doctor so that is a good thing.
I had to be back and forth helping living in two homes so that's what I have been doing this month .I had my little grandson for five days when she developed bronchitis so what can I say I am enjoying this moment.
What I am working on in knitting class

 A moment to myself to just do a routine pleasure of speaking from my heart.As a mom I never realized how much your heart can bare.The ups and downs of your heart in the unexpected moments of being there and being helpless.One minute she is at urgent care and the next moment she is going by ambulance to the hospital because she is not getting enough air.Now I am a gabby person but sometimes when you have to wait and see and act normal around a two and a half year old you suddenly realize how good an actress you really are.
This feels so good to be sitting here typing away and just seeing what a pretty day it is. I have my knit class today and I have the luxury of cleaning up my yard planting some lavender and doing dishes in my own home.
I am not writing this as a poor me but as a realization you can still be happy in your own way with finding those moments between the crazy crisis moments and really feeling blessed.Most people get sick and are better and the crisis is over but people that have chronic illness have series of set backs and good days.I have had to ask the question to myself in coping with my life. How does a person cope with seeing loved ones suffering with illness.With the last years going by I have slowly decided that its a process and a realization it's not in your hands and enjoying the moments of simple routine life that most people take for granted.
                                                           What was in my camera last time I looked
                                                             Country Loft pictures!


                                           I had Pam quilt my Cheri Payne quilt
                                           I just need to bind it and it's ready for Christmas next year

                                                      More pictures from December to post.
                                                      I am going to start a new rug!

                                                                       Great Crows

                                                         More of my rugs from Christmas

I want to put Maulie my shitzu in the new rug somewhere.I am lucky and so is anyone that loves to create!
So for all the caregivers and quiet folks that are quietly suffering with illness in the mist of endless trials of this simple short life that choose to plant smiles on their faces for us. Try to enjoy just one moment and know it just takes one.Hugs Cheri
                                                                  Maulie Brown

Sunday, December 29, 2013

A little bit of this and that of Christmas

                                                                Giving Santa a cookie

                                                            When little Jack first saw Santa


                                                              Love these jammies

                              Here are some picture of what the gals have been working on

                                   This a typical get together at the country loft rug hooking group
                                    a little bit of this and that.

 Michele just had her beautiful work framed looks great!

It's a beautiful sunny Sunday. The good news it's pretty mild weather and the birds are singing away the bad news is we need rain. If we don't get enough rain we will dry out in the summer and since where I live in southern California there is always a fire danger it's a mixed bag. I have been putting away Christmas and have pictures from our hooking group and miscellaneous pictures of Christmas.Enjoy!
                                                           Little sock Janice made for a family member
                                            We all got some wonderful pomegranate jam from Janice!

                                       Marjorie is using normal yarn for the body of her sheep!
                                        I love the look it gives to her sheep.

                                             Pam's sachets filled with her home grown lavender

                                              Pam made these notebooks for her daughter

                                                              A peek into my front room

                                         I love bringing out this Cheri Payne quilt I made at Christmas

                                               The reason for the season.
                                               This was taken at Linda's home.