Friday, September 12, 2014

A celebration of average primitive rug hooking

                                                        Donna's rug is far from average
                                                        she is still binding her rug
                                                        Pattern Star Rug

 My tired hubby is asleep the lights are all off in my sweet little yellow house. Little Jack is visiting for a couple of days and went to bed  pretty easy tonight. Maulie is asleep at my feet and Morris is out enjoying himself sitting on the porch watching the night. The hum of the fan has not yet lulled me to sleep just got me thinking.I am slightly amazed whenever I look at Pinterest there are all these wonderful quotes people find about life that sum up any life experience you have ever had.I have to write a post when someone else can say it in three sentences silly me.
  This life of ours goes by so quickly and as I sit here I realize I will never be the best rug hooker in the world. I will never be a house hold name I will probably never have my primitive rugs displayed  at Sauder Village and yet I continually strive to make something better in all my crafts and hobbies I love. I look at my work on my current Primitive chicken rug and try to get the colors just right.It doesn't matter if I am the only one that knows how much work I put into it I know it.I sometimes think that some people are born with a passion to make something. The parts of a creative mind is in our genes when we were born.I know the world celebrates the best of everything there is no museum for those that love to make something that only a mother could love.
The people that are just average and yet little by little they make those simple improvements in every new rug they make.Nobody will ever know some lady in a little yellow house loved to rug hook and make quilts to celebrate the seasons.
When I sit down coffee in hand I think how so much alike we all are in the community of bloggers  sometimes timidly sharing our creative endeavors with each other. Even though were all so busy helping others from Julia running a dairy farm to Kim starting a new life and home.We all seem to have new life challenges thrust on all of us a little too fast for us to enjoy. That's when it happens we have that spare moment and we pick up a hook sit at a sewing machine or make a quilt or countless other crafts that allow up to express ourselves.Did I forget try to knit socks in ninety degree temperatures..

                                                          Stephanie hooked this horse

 I have seen so much simple every day life played out in my rug hooking groups and the many classes I have attended.I have watched women battle breast cancer and face one life challenge after another with dignity.The ladies that have lost husbands to illness and those that rise to the challenge of caring for husbands and parents with Alzheimer. Faithfully these woman try to keep the joy of creating spirit alive with the simple act of making a hooked rug one simple wool loop after another. I have quietly observed courage in the simple act of sitting in a chair and picking up a hook and making something  beautiful while so much is going on at home in someones personal life that no one will ever see.
So maybe your rug hooking needs improvement and someone else is the best at everything they make.You feel like your in a room full of Magdalena Briner Eby's. You look at your rugs and wonder is it worth all this time on this craft I don't seem to be progressing like I want to.Whose going to know that wool cost a pretty penny and you covet someones wool stash like a woman with designer purse envy which I must say is totally not me.Any time I have gone with my daughter to some outlet store and watched my daughter buy a purse I cringe and think I could buy so much wool with that money.
It's now been years later when you think you should be a little better at your rug hooking but really that's just how you hook your loops are still uneven and you know your color choices sometimes make others quietly wonder.I can only say happily oh yes don't give up the dream because behind those little lumpy little loops is a story in its self. Knowing that chances are someday someone will pick up your rugs maybe at a thrift store and as they contemplate whether to buy it or not.I know you'll be thinking up there in rug hooking heaven if they only knew as Paul Harvey an old radio story teller would say " The rest of the story!"

                                              I am not sure what color to do the sides.
                                              Any ideas? I think I have too much red

                                                          I still love this rug I made years ago

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Primitive Rug Hooking this Labor day weekend

  My little rug hooker inspecting

I love this rug

Good Job Nana!

Do you remember when you started a new hobby and you couldn't wait to do the next project. You had a obsession with a new craft which occupied your spare thoughts.You would lie in bed not able to sleep trying to sort out what project you would start next ! Sometimes passions die you loved to do something and then like a bright candle your all candle wax.Maybe it's just hard to hook when it's ninety degrees maybe its abnormal or it's just me.Am I the only one that has a hard time being motivated in the hot summer?

 But then Thank God I got my passion back all it took was a cooler place. I discovered a new pattern and decided while visiting my daughter to work on my rug hooking. It was extremely nice being in a cool totally air conditioned home!  I decided if I can watch Dino Dan and kid programs Little Jack could watch me hook  a little bit. I would tell the little guy I am taking a pit stop. So I was able to enjoy my rug hooking and play with Jack between pit stops plus we are doing Nana preschool this summer .Were both happy and I am getting some hooking done.

Michele does great work

Pam working away 

Janice quilt

Girls in Donna's ruggers group

This is a fancy cutter a lady brought in Wow!

Little Jack informed me Good Job Nana on my hooked chicken I am making.So as I drove back to Crest I could hardly wait to run to the Country loft and get the wool's for the rest of my hooked rug.
Since the last rug was so dark I am doing a totally different rug it's lighter and I love it .
I still have to bind the last rug and I am hoping to do that this Labor day weekend.

Janet started to teach a group of her daughters friends to rug hook so she was showing them what she had made.

It was a perfect evening to hook


   A new hooker

Here are some quick pictures of The Country Loft

                                                                          Such a Pretty Quilt

I think this is a quilt class at the Country Loft

Fall can't get here quick enough for me
This is a cute doll Mary made

Friday, August 15, 2014

Far from the Lazy days of Summer

The weeks are flying by and I can hardly wait til it cools down and it's fall. I am super busy baby sitting little Jack and catching up with  my projects. This week I am trying to cut back a over grown climbing rose   because the old sprinkler finally broke. I need to crawl under the rose branches to find where the leak it  is a job! I have been waiting til the evening when it cools down to prune back the over grown Cecile Brunner climber.
Looking back at my teen years I realize now how as a kid you never realize how busy life will become. The summer of my junior year of high school  I can remember regretfully how foolish I was to have not enjoyed fully the summer of  driving to La Jolla shores all the time! My girlfriends and I were on a mission to go to the  beach  at least a couple times a week that summer.As long as we could all chip in gas money we would pile into someones car and off we went.That summer we were always trying to look bored and mature.We were such silly girls.We always  drove to La Jolla shores never Mission or Pacific Beach .La Jolla  was such a beautiful beach but had lots of rip tides so you had to be careful in the water.

 Once we were in La Jolla The gals would spread  out one by one and lay out like a bunch of harbor seals in a circle with Julie the hot bod teen as designated queen bee.

The girls were obsessed trying to get the perfect tan which meant they were always laying out and baking their faces in the hot summer sun. Every where we went  that summer they had to layout even if it was just someones backyard.We would all  read  glamour magazines and be fighting over Victoria Holt and  Daphne du Maurier Gothic romances. Leslie and I would  munch on of all things cottage cheese and Frito's reading away the day.
Those silly girls would put baby oil all over their bodies like buttered toast which I am  sure wasn't the smartest thing to do. I already had a olive complexion I didn't need to layout!  I was the one who just couldn't get with the program. I seemed like the only one of my friends in the waves whenever we went to La Jolla.  My then girlfriends didn't want to step in the ocean because of the baby oil slathered all over their white bodies.That summer in high school was the carefree days of youth no responsibility . I had no way of knowing how busy life would become.
 Years later instead of playing in the surf I am wiping a runny nose from a grandson and  wondering how did my life go by so fast. I am needed by so many and totally enjoy the simple act of just being home reading a murder mystery and having a sip of ice tea.Instead of a Gothic romance with the girl running thru the old castle in fear from the brooding master with anger issues.Today Gothic romances are vampire love stories. Now a days I am  reading murder mysteries by Anne Perry and enjoying my iPad where I can get books from  the library when ever I want.I am still a reader which is my biggest passion and now when I drive down near the beach its to just look at that amazing Pacific ocean while I drive to a plant nursery.  Life is such a journey I only wish I had really not taken those days for granted. They were so blissfully carefree!
Now lets catch up!
  I have been busy rug hooking and I am almost done with my little rug.Little Jack has a cold and so he is a little booger boy! Being a Nana is like reliving your young mom days it all comes back to you.
Here are some quick pictures of what's been happening with our little group of rug hookers and of course the cross stitch ladies too. I added a picture of my first quilt I ever did and some other pictures around the house. I forgot my camera so Michele thank you for sending the pics. Hugs Cheri

                                                          Jan is working on a purse or bag

Stephanie is working away as usual 

I began my rug and then.....

                                                               Where I was

Here I am 

My Amish Quilt
I hand quilted it.
It was my first quilt!

more dolls

 Little sick Jack he is on the mend from a summer cold

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Hot Rug hooking days in Southern California

Summer what can I say I am tired of this relentless humidity in Southern California. I have been so busy that alas I have been a bad blogger.No matter how much I water everything looks terrible. I seemed to have computer problems all month first I dropped my computer and then I changed tables around and the screen wouldn't turn on. Apparently when I moved the computer I didn't hook up everything right. It was a simple thing all it took was plugging it up again which my son in law saw immediately yesterday when he came to pick up little Jack.
The look he gave me when he saw the problem was priceless.

This month was nuts talk about stress.Where do I begin little Jack is three and for some reason he felt the need to stick a penny in his mouth well it wasn't a penny but a nickle. I guess it tasted good and thank God I wasn't there when it happened  So one trip to the ER then because the doctor didn't like the way it looked after the Xray a trip by ambulance to Children's hospital in the middle of the night. Needless to say hubby and I was driving up to Megan's 1200 at night since my daughter could not go to the hospital with Jack. My daughter is having a round of Iv this month which lowers her immune system similar to chemo which makes  her real sick.Little Jack stayed the night at Children's hospital with Dad and Sunday he was back home. Fruit loops stickers and nice nurses and something to make him poop the nickle out he was back home again. I asked him about his adventure and he told me he had fun!
Here are some pictures from my different groups I go to and how my hooking is coming along

                                                                    My rug I am working on

                                                          One of the ladies heart in progress

                                                                      more rugs

Susan's pillow

                                                          Susan is working away on her rug

                                                                      I am still smiling!